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  1. Earwigs Ticks (headge and oak tree) Caterpillars Worms Termites (in stump by picnic table) Moths and butterflies Flies (around food)
  2. I have larva that spawned and do not attack they r like my dogs now
  3. The pumpkin is in such a good spot. It lurks overhead and watches over my base. I have the best pics now thanks obsidian!! I would love to see more of this. Around holidays obv... Xmas tree or snow man Easter eggs Maybe a secret match you can find and light the wick for a firework show.(matches could make cool torches) Valentine's day hearts and notes in the yard. Turkey legs and toss cranberries.
  4. I keep finding small patches of floating grass stumps. It's not like critical I just cut them down. But kind of visually annoying.
  5. Jayblaze yes dude the same happened to us we were pretty stoked actually.haha
  6. Water bears would be amazing to see. If u can squeeze water fleas in, then tardigrade could possibly work.
  7. Yeah its so loud . I love the idea of using the vibration of controller for notifying player it's close.
  8. The crow is sweet. I would like to see more around the lines of targeting player. You could add raw science or even rare building mats/ loot items near the landing zones of bird. When you try to advance and grab some materials. Peck!! And your dead. Obviously 1 shot kills it's a giant bird. And maybe down the line add a quest to summon the bird to the picnic table for a huge fight over a pizza birthday party. *Edited* Ooo better yet have the quest pieces at each landing site once u have all of them then you trigger the event at a special location.
  9. There really is just too many ants I seriously slayed for 45 minutes clearing this room out. Got my ant mutation but Broke my spider armor my spider fang dagger and half of my mint mallet in one fight
  10. I'm having an issue actually collecting the ant eggs.i have found several but it won't let me pick them up. Any solutions?
  11. Me and my brother put one of our mallets up on a weapon mount with a larva blade and we lost the mint mallet but gained a duplicate glitch of larva blades. Now we can get a new one every time one breaks lol. Next, we make another mallet and my brother ran off the map behind the shed checking out the chef haha His bag fell over 3,000,000 cm
  12. I have found snail shells in the game. Maybe it's a sign for a bug we will see soon? Could possibly give Snail armor or shield? better storage bin?
  13. A larger backpack would also be a cool feature I agree
  14. So the shimmer on the edge of my screen seems to be triggered by using the lean-to. It never happens until I rest for the night. It only lasts a few seconds but can be pretty violent.
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