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  1. Hi Grounded friends, While I am absolutely impressed by the new pond updates, and how well they have been executed, taking the underwater quests to a whole new difficulty level; I am not sure about the sea chest. So far this game has had a heavy focus on codes, inputs, and related technology to unlock game progression. Retrieving a physical key to unlock a sea chest just doesn't seem to fit the overall feel of this game. Tell me what you think? I personally would have understood distracting the fish to retrieve the Burgle chip, or maybe luring a spider away from a cave entrance
  2. true I have this one lady big that keeps spawning on top of a grass and makes for easy pickings. It wont even move when I start attacking it.
  3. I agree it can become challenging, but typically you can use traps for example tp prevail. You might need to spend some time before you fight building these traps but they are very useful in combat in supporting you with reducing the overall health of the enemy. I have had some great success with traps fighting bombardiers, stink bugs, wolf spiders, lady bugs, ants, trapping aphids for food, and keeping orb spiders at bay at my my base. Another beneficial feature about using traps for combat is that the bugs typically start attaching your traps if you get them agitated, reducing their hea
  4. HI friends, I live on top of the garden/lawn poles at the koi pond and cam home to a lovely surprise. haha I had an orb weaver waiting for me who created havoc. Nice twist to the game
  5. Hi there, You can resize images when you open them. Not sure if you are in windows, but in MAC it is under "tools". I would love to see this!
  6. I have something ido with my acorn tops "destroy stash" lol. Personally I feel that that current smoothies are cool, but I wish they would make more sense with the items they are using. I mean why do we not use the apple bits for a smoothie? - has sugar, good for energy What about bee pollen? great for immune system, the amphid dew, soda, blueberry flesh, things that taste good and make sense, I guess...
  7. I love the idea of Koi Scale Roof. What if the different building materials has different properties... I mentioned in an earlier comment that birch bark for example is water proofing, this could be great for buildings around the sprinkler area. Maybe the Koi could have reflective properties and deter or attract certain insects maybe even for some sort of trap or protection.
  8. I don't think you could ask a western world child to drink blood or goop. I like the mosquito arrow idea though, they could also use bee stingers for that. Might be more sturdy.
  9. I love the tings Hoops says, never gets old to me. My favorite: "Can't waste food, can't waste food". I would say that too. Maybe try a different character?
  10. some tree bark is super flammable, like birch, it is also super waterproofing which might be a great tree to add once the devs add rain/water sprinkler to the game. I def think we should be able to interact with all spiderwebs.
  11. OMG! I love it! I bet some of the insects would love them too, additionally sunflowers would make the yard even prettier (it already is) and potentially provide building material. I would love to craft some pretty sun umbrellas, hammocks, and lawn chairs/recliners, or a pretty yellow sunflower rooftop.
  12. Thank you both, I def. need some help killing them. I tried myself before, but d/t lag it was impossible. When I make my lobby mp, I never have someone join though, nly if I have my friends join right away with me. Is that d/t the state the game is at, as in is random joining not an option at this time, but in the lobby only? Thank you. Moni
  13. I have a ton of lag every time I get close to the ant mount and walk on the area it extends to under ground to the west. I hope the next update will fix it as I have not been ale to get ant eggs due to the incredible lag.
  14. Isn't the house though the house where at least one of the kids actually lives in? Meaning, wouldn't the residents of the house know the kids got shrunk and be careful. From listening to the tapes you find around the map it sure appears to me that they are well aware that there are tiny inhabitants. What do you think?
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