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  1. I wasn't asking why like you're crazy. I was asking for a reason. Like does each building have a purpose (one's an armory, one's a kitchen, etc...)? Personally, I don't care how big you build it. Make it cover the whole map if you want. I was just simply asking.
  2. First question..... why did you build it so big? You only need a couple of buildings, tops. Second question..... Can I see it?
  3. First, I'd love to see more weed plank builds, such as plank floors (to give it a "hardwood floor" look). And maybe some plank roof parts for that rustic log cabin look. And grass floors can go over top of weed floors like carpet. Second, what about decomposing parts? Like with parts for a house? After all, armor and weapons need repairs, why not parts? After... say... 1 in-game month after building a house part, the grass parts turn yellow and the weed stem parts turn black. After 2 in-game months, the part automatically destroys itself (decomposed). But you can repair the
  4. Since this game relies highly on cloud saves and getting updates from them, I'd love to have a manual resync option onthe main menu. That way, if my cloud saves don't load (just an example), I don't have to uninstall and reinstall the game just to get my saves.
  5. Actually, same with me. My bombadier beetles haven't respawned either, and it's been days in-game.
  6. Anyone else think that these might be a fun addition to the game? They don't attack you unless attacked, but usually only attack spiders. You can tell they've been here because you occasionally find spider carcasses, and harvesting them has a chance of giving you larva parts (you know, like what wasp larva do to spiders). Or you can attract wasp spiders to spiders by shooting them with lure arrows.
  7. I'd love to see some people or animals actually USING the yard. I mean, we could play for days in-game and see nothing larger than a crow in the game. And you can find a footprint of a dog and a boot/cleat on the ground. How about some kids running around, maybe a dog or cat, or a raccoon at night? If they step on your house, it's destroyed. If they step on you, it's an instant death. You can even see them grilling on the grill once in a while, and find a dropped grilled patty when they eat on the ground.
  8. Here's an idea. How about weather patterns and it's effect on you? Sunny: Being out on the open dehydrates you faster. Dropped meat have a chance of being roasted if left out too long. Windy: Grass moves harder and faster (harder to see approaching danger). You might be blown off course if gliding. Light items on the ground (harvested plant fibers, meat chunks, grass planks, etc....) get blown away. Rain: Produces an endless supply of fresh drinkable water. Large rain drops fall at random spots near/on you and hurt you if hit. No insects out in the open while ra
  9. Then what would be the point of waymakers? They help you navigate the world. Plus, once you reach the destination, the marker would disappear, removing it from the HUD.
  10. Just an idea. Many games have a feature with their map where you can select any area of the map and it will create a custom waypoint marker that shows you where to go. Since this game is so vast, this would be a great way to help us navigate the game and travel to new areas. Especially since we don't have an in-game map overlay or compass overlay.
  11. Or how about letting us tame insects to ride, such as ants or giving us dragonflies?
  12. I'm trying to continue my game, but the cloud saves won't load! Don't know if it's because I cancelled the sync, but not sure. This is frustrating.
  13. As it stands right now, you can custom-build a house, placing each piece individually. My idea is to give us complete house plans that include everything already designed, you just have build it. Such designs could include but aren't limited to: - A simple 1-room, 1-floor house - A 1-floor house with X rooms - A 2-story house - A house that's built on stilts
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