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  1. First time in the Haze Lab was a day or two ago. Went in, checked the place out ... killed some little robots and mutie bugs ... it was fun ... It wasn't until later that I found out there was supposed to be Personal Log #4 right inside the first room, just glowing there on the floor. But it is not there. I've reloaded, tried Singleplayer, and Multiplayer loads... I don't know ... maybe there's something else that is supposed to be earlier in the storyline that I haven't completed properly ... But I'm on the "Search Other Labs for Evidence of The Watcher" .... and I thought that was next ... of course I also have multiple copies of several of the notes and logs .... so there is that ...
  2. I think it's completely unintended and a reflection of how the code actually works for the backpack ... items have a certain order in the codebase ... and they are in this order in the backpack .. if you notice when you pickup your bag .. things are NOT in the order that YOU put them in ... but They are Always in the same order, when you pick up the bag. That order may seem to make no sense to us .... but as they are always the same, there is an obvious progression to it. Likely it's based on the Item ID# in the code, and not some intentional jumbling of the items in your pack just to annoy you.
  3. I'm actually Pretty Damn Upset about the change of the branch area around the Bird Bath .... I had just finished completing the frame structure of an elevated footbridge from the BirdBath to the Branch from the Secret Lab area of the Hedge and all the building infrastructure I have up there. It's not blatant and gaudy, it hides in the green of the area .... Until the Update ..... now I have a bridge that just sticks out into the air and goes to nothing.... Now I have to make my way back up through the main Hedge to the Birdbath .... JUST to tear it down.
  4. Kind of ..... I like building villages. I have a Forge, a Warehouse/Winery, a Cottage/Lodge, a proper sprawling castle ... a Border Wall but yeah .... I am NOT in this to do continuous house maintenance .... that's too much of the Wrong parts of real life to be putting in my enjoyment time
  5. I can definitely tell you're a programmer ..... Game Developers always make open sandbox games where you can build anything .... then are confused and sometimes horrified when players don't just build a tiny cute house with a picket fence .... We Build The Taj Mahal .... To SCALE !!! Because YOU built a system that Allowed it !!! and they ALL ask the same question .... "Why would you do that?" Also ... if they ever fix the bug so that people can visit my game world again .... Then YES, You Too can Vacation in Lilliput !
  6. This is a bug working in your favor. You've Reported It .... now it's time to Enjoy It
  7. The continuous loss of Renewable Resources is quite troubling. I myself am still on a SaveGame from Launch Day, I'm on Game Day 956. The Amount of Renewable Resources that I am missing is quite staggering. When you started your Save, how many times you've Started Over, Which Patch was most recent when you started your Save .... None of this seems to matter ... A Large Number of Players are Still Reporting the Continued Loss of Renewable Resources. This Needs To Be Addressed.
  8. 100% This would be amazing .... I am always in for new building parts .... Oh H E L L NO !!! I am on Game Day 920+ .... I'm about to hit Game Y E A R # 3 ... I have built an Entire Village .... a Lilliputian Kingdom .... There is NO WAY I have time to go back and repair all of the 10-12 Structures that I have .... some of which are Quite Large.
  9. If we're talking Pure Cosmetics ... I'm 100% ok with with Micro Transactions. New outfits for the characters, new playable characters, a different look for weapons and things... stuff like that ... stuff that only changes the visual look Nothing that affects actual Game-Play, like potions, boosts, Unlimited .... anything. There are some good examples of extremely profitable games out there that make TONS of cash off purely Cosmetic Based Micro-Transactions. I for one am totally for this. I'd love to have some options for Characters and outfits. And if the options don't appeal to me .... I don't have to buy them. Also .. I don't think that the game is designed in a manner to warrant things like Clans .... and all the stuff that goes with that. It just doesn't feel like that is a direction the Devs are working toward. We already have Daily Quests, and I expect them to expand upon that in time. They are looking into Persistent Servers, and that is a Much Requested Feature in general amongst the playerbase. Russian Translation 100% Needed. ~They might need some help with translators.~
  10. there is a particular post stump that I call The Arena because it's pretty much ALWAYS got 2 or more bug up there .... and one is usually a stinkbug .... and as soon as he gasses ... it's a giant fight .... he always wins .... then I run through real fast and pickup loot
  11. Since Update, Noone can join my game world. I'm playing on PC. I've been playing this save since Release Day. Current Game Time: 930D 1H 18M I can join other people's Game World, but noone can join mine.
  12. Ladybug spawned on this leaf, looks like she's walking on water.... there's an ant on another part of the leaf ... he's usually completely under water.
  13. How About a Base Blueprints Gallery The Ability to scan your base ... and upload it to The Player Base Gallery Then other players could browse the Gallery ... download blueprints for your creations .... and build them on their own Many people have posted that they are not creative base builders ... I've had people invite me to their games, just so that I can build them a base ... obviously I can't do that for 50 or more different people .. no matter how much they liked my buildings ... BUT, if they could download my blueprints .... and it just told them to add this much clay, pebblet, stem, grass, rope, sprigs, clover ... and whatever it needed ... and they could build it themselves .... LOTS of players would LOVE that and there are TONS of creative players out there building all sorts of interesting things a Blueprints Gallery would bring a new level of interactivity to the community, allowing us to share our works with each other DIRECTLY and not just through pictures in the forums and on Reddit ...
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