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  1. in my case steam/pc windows 10, multiplayer map question: can it be i / we already completed this quest kinda by accident because we or some of us didn't really know what we were doing (ingame) as in we found that chip without having it as a quest and brought it to burg.l ?
  2. i do have kinda the same problem find the cold blood burg.l chip but it's not there but when i am where it is supposed to be i get that notification sound that there's something in the area (hope you know which sound i mean) but i don't see anything also, i don't want to start a new game because i have like everything except a mansion, meaning i farmed the hell out of this game and am now just messing around, so i really don't want to loose everything would be nice if they could fix this
  3. well, you are right with all you said still, it starts to get annoying and from my point of view takes fun out of the game also when i loose my backpack in real life and i find it again all the stuff in it ís still where it was when i lost it how about this: if you die and loose your backpack and it does not get found by ants (or in future updates maybe by other bugs as well) it stays the way it was when lost, in case it gets found by ants looking for food then and only then do the contents get messed around
  4. if you die and pick up the items from your backpack all the previous sorting is gone i understand that this may be some kind of realism thing but at some point it is just annoying and chips away at the fun of the game having to go through your stuff in your inventory and sorting it again in the way you like to have it sorted doesn't do any good to the game, it just takes time that could be spent having fun please fix
  5. (this is for the steam version, pc windows 10, nividia 2070 super) i am sure this has been brought up already somewhere but i couldn't find anything in the known issues list so here we go - bugs: (like ants, soldier ants, ladybugs, spiders, ...) all of them way too often get stuck for whatever reason and kinda like freeze in that position where they can easily be killed which is nice to get the parts but takes out all the danger and fun, also they seem to have some invisible range where they can move and will not chase you even if they could - building: i tried this in several w
  6. we had sap already analyzed and got the quest to analyze sap later but it can not be completed or we don't know how
  7. since the last update (Patch 0.2.1 i think) whenever i quit playing grounded steam has it still shown as "Running" nothing can be seen in task manager and even if i click "STOP" in steam nothing happens this goes on like forever or i quit the steam client completly then it goes like this: steam -> exit -> Waiting for Grounded to shut down ... -> and nothing happens, i have to click "EXIT NOW" this only happens with grounded, if i play like pubg and quit pubg it closed like it should
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