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  1. Thanks a lot for the info, man! I didnt knew I had to get back to burg.l to do it
  2. I think you cant uncorrupt your save, but you can still have less files so you can actually save & load a game.. this happened to me and I was at the same position where I had to choose between get frustrated with my old save files being corrupted enough that cant even load and reinstall all the game after deleting all the saves that I had
  3. I had to delete all my saves and just keep 1 for the new world that i created, it still have the ghost icon but its loading even though I had the same problem. (I lost about a 88days and a 60 days in game save)
  4. Yeahh, I cant, I progressed too much after getting the chip.. but it gets better, now im not being able to load my save at all, so I think that save is gone which kinda solves my problem seeing that I will have to start a new one (wont deliver any chip before burg.l asks) after they fix whatever is crashing the saves of more advanced gameplays, because the one that I didnt had any status (mutations) didnt crashed the save.. And I think you just can't abandon a quest in the game, which is something that would be good to get more quests in burgl that its worth to do it (seeing that some of th
  5. Yea, same here, tried to load an auto-save and a manual save and its crashing my game.
  6. Hey, so I just started a new game in the new updated version, I got the "Stained chip" and delivered it before BURG.L asked me to go find it, because I had other active quests at the time and I just stumbled upon it when I was playing it, I didnt even knew that there were a quest for this chip. Now Im with this active quest stuck, theres no Cold Blood Burg.L chip in the paint can, so theres no way for me to finish that quest that I actually did before I even got the quest, I need some help, otherwise, It will be really hard to get Raw Science... p.s: I just need to clear/complete/fail the miss
  7. This happened to me the first time I logged in, and it was because I didnt logged in my microsoft account a long time, after I logged in my outlook/microsoft account, it fixed for me, at least, if this doesn't help, I hope someone else can help you
  8. I think they can roam around at any times, but you can easily hide from them if you run the other way!
  9. That's a great question, how far can it go? Can we move the spawning area when some insect gets killed over and over again at the same place? It would be really fun to live at the Great Oak, after cleaning/moving the spider spawn to other place. Something that I think it can happen is: When you cut too much grass and clear your surroundings, more insects will be attracted to that area, such as ants, larvas and even spiders.
  10. After the update, neither my mushroom farm or dew collector was working, fortunately, I moved next to the pond, next to the Spiders + Flowers, and Nectar its still spawning there for me (anywhere that have flowers, it does have nectar sprinkled around the ground), which its helping me to manage my thirst and hunger, I still see a lot of mushroom spawning outside of my mushroom farms (sometimes I think way too much mushrooms, which i kinda feel like its related to as why they're not growing in the mushroom farm), but yeah, this is what I do: Gather Nectar in 2 different spawns each day, beca
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