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  1. Feedback/Experience/Suggestions This feedback is based on 8 hours of playtime on medium and easy difficulty. I play coop with my girlfriend where she gathers most materials and I do the main of the combat and building schematics in the game. After my playtime I’ve got a grasp of the main gameplay and experience of this early access and would like to hereby share my highlights and suggestions for the game to hopefully better help the future design of the game. I see a lot of potential in this game and love the way it makes you feel so small and fragile in the backyard. The ambience an
  2. Spawn distance / clear spawn view of spiders. Somewhere in the yard there are low hanging trees with purple berries attached to them. Around this area spawn spiders. With such a clear vision of a wide area we were able to see the spiders just spawn in. (appear and fall from the sky). This doesnt seem to be how it should work. Repair tool Repair tool doenst work on all my structures. some walls and doors i can easily repair while others dont seem to react to me smacking it with the tool Building Snapping of templates doesnt work correctly yet. Lot of fiddling is neede
  3. The existing insects seem to interact with the world and all play a part in the ecosystem (ants gathering food). I’d love to hear how others have experienced the ecosystem that is advertised and how exactly the incects interact with each other. How the environment changes to the interaction of the player. It has been mentioned exterminating ant colonies could invoke the attraction of other insects to that area. Is this true? What did you experience and what happend? How advanced is this ecosystem and AI behavior i wonder. Personally; Working ants gathering food around the backyard
  4. I do agree with the problems here, for players that love a more challenging game this early acces mode is of course not there yet. But as an early acces game this is also really understandeble. I also experience the same thing OP has met and can see a lot of players frustrating themselves over it. I see these as bugs/prerelease problems in the game and not the end product vision of the developers. AI Pathfinding of Bugs. can be abused by players. ( the stone example) Bugs nog seeing walls correctly and just standing opposite of the wall, "somtimes hitting a wall
  5. On the 3rd day our base got attacked by a wolv spider and larva. We had to quit our save as well because the spiders health kept resetting. Quite a fun killer imo.
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