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  1. I agree. Would love to see pulleys become a reality. Having to run up 14+ flights of stairs with just 8 pieces of whatever on your back becomes tedious.
  2. I built a water contaier under the straw at the Juicebox by the pond. It has been more than 19 days in game and not a single drop of Juice has been produced. And not a massive issue but there is a Grammar error in your text for OutPost Note: Burgl. The word "with" is missing from the sentence. "I'm sure you've been busy improving them <WITH> your ever-important flavour schemes" Also in Ominent Log 3 the structure of the sentence "But perhaps I can convince him that they were miniature dice." seems off. Technically using WERE would imply that they are no longer miniature dice or no longer exist.
  3. There are a few similar posts but but they all seem related to Xbox. I am playing on PC through Steam and when I get die and choose to load a save game rather than Respawn it starts the load sequence and then the game shuts down and kicks me back to Steam. I have tried loading manual save games and auto saves with the same result. Once I restart the game and try to use the save game the same thing happens, its start the loading sequence and then the game crashes. I usually go through this process about 3 or 4 times before the save game will load. I keep my save game files to no more than 3 always deleting and creating new ones. I also try to give the game ample time in the background to finish any tasks it may be performing as part of start up. Oh, currently using the Public Test version.
  4. I have a similar issue. Playing on PC through Steam. Trying to load a save game causes the game to crash. I usually have to try 3 or 4 times to get it load. It is most noticeable when I die and choose to Load a save game rather than respawn. Gets really annoying having to restart the game 3 or 4 times in a row. Currently playing on the Public Test.
  5. I actually thought the scaffolding thing was kind of neat. Made it look like the scaffold skewered through the plan in order to make it stay put and be more stable.
  6. Unlike Minecraft grounded doesn't try to defy the laws of gravity and physics. If the structure you are choosing to remove is a support point for the rest of your structure it will fall apart. You can't build a wall, put a floor on top and then expect that floor to levitate because you want to remove the wall below.
  7. I get it when it comes to the cooked meat but things like the granola bar or acorn pieces should be good. Or least a bit of variety.
  8. Not an actual issue, more a Pet peeve kind of thing. Why is everything that Pete eats taste like Brussel sprouts or Dads cooking? Even the granola bars that you can find in some labs.
  9. Cool idea, but definitely agree that something like having all your hardwork destroyed in seconds would be a total Uninstall and never play moment for me. That being said though I think there is some way it could be worked in. If for example you were aware that these types of events could occur you would be forced to explore the entire map and choose the optimal place to build your base. Away from the BarBQ to avoid getting stepped on, not near the sprinklers to avoid getting washed away, or not in valleys to avoid getting flooded if they decide to add rain. And with the speed of InGame time it wouldn't be that bad if they set these events to occur within 1 Game week, at least you don't lose much work. And to make the pain a little less they could have whatever gets destroyed in this manner just turned into a pile of its raw parts that you then have to gather up from within a certain radius, not quite an outright destruction. Writing this while working so I keep losing my train of throught, you get the idea of where I'm going with this though.
  10. Ladders would be an amazing addition. With the new Zipline I have been working on building a super tall tower (I think I'm 20 floors up now) but its starting to get real annoying having to climb all those stairs each time. Or now that we have thread from the spinner perhaps we could add winches or pullies.....
  11. And this is my Inventory when I am signed into Xbox live. I also made a video of the issue and when replaying the video noticed that my location changed when I loaded the save game and was logged into Xbox live.
  12. Ant Eggs seem to be the hot topic. I have never been able to pick up the single egg that is found in the ant hill. I have killed so many Ants and Solider Ants that I have 6 chests full of parts - never got an egg. I have no issue with lag or endless spawning Ants (Or Gnats for that matter, hell I needed to Kill Gnats for Burgl and couldn't find any). I did however log into the Public Test version that was opened the other day and load one of my longest existing games.... and was able to pick up and analyze the egg in the Ant Hill so can only assume that the issue is going to get fixed.
  13. If I start the game and don't log into my Xbox live account half my inventory is missing when I load a game. I have to quite the game, start it up again and log into my XBox live account in order to restore my inventory. Came accross this issue as we have multiple computers in the home and both of us actually own a copy of Grounded. Went to play on a different computer one day and just didn't want to be bothered setting up my Xbox live account on that system. The issue occurred again when the Public Test was announced and I switched over and launched the game on the Public Test, didn't bother to set up my Xbox live account and when I loaded one of my save games my inventory was gone. Exit, restart, sign into Xbox live and my Inventory is returned. If needed I can probably recreate the issue and send screenshots or save games.
  14. When switching back and forth between the Public Test and the Early Access I noticed that if I don't sign into my XBox Live account then half my inventory goes missing? But I exit the game, sign into my Xbox live then the inventory is restored.
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