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  1. Improvements: A zip line version that can be attached to a stem scaffold - This will allows us to easily adjust the a height of the zipline, attach a network of ziplines into one centralized node with less clutter and it looks structurally sound with longer ziplines. I think this can be done by just resizing the existing zip line mount and adding snapping points to it. Since we cannot move stuff yet in the game, I think we need to be able to check first if we can connect the zipline nodes together without constructing it (still in blueprint mode). Burgle Upgrades: Motori
  2. I wanted to that too but I do believe that the grass plays a big role in the game. They actually serve as radars for large creatures. Everytime I see grass moving, it only means two things ( well for now until obsidian introduced new large creatures) a ladybug or a spider which makes the experience more engaging. I just enjoy using bombs to farm grass planks . I would prefer the grass not growing back when the stump is not removed and just place clay foundations over it to make my own path walk. It's like walking on eggshells for me after cutting a large patch of grass where I must r
  3. This is actually making me go nuts...I cannot farm plant fiber through grass now. . .
  4. I am very careful cutting grass now and no bombs for me XD
  5. I think we need the ability to regrow the grass. The longer we play the game, grass density will start to decay because of insects fighting in the background, we accidentally cutting grass stumps or using bombs to fight bugs or gather planks.
  6. Totally agree on this. We need to have more arrows per craft. When I saw the materials to craft the feather arrows, I really thought it has the same function as a grappling hook because it had spider web in its crafting cost :D. After testing, its just a regular arrow with a crow's feather attached lol. Very true. Currently combat lacks evasive movement and for that reason, I prefer to use range combat. Kiting in this game is a must since it is the only dodge mechanic we have in the game. This is the first time I've heard kiting is an exploit.... I like th
  7. We definitely need the time and compass on our hud. This will help us focus more on the task we are doing without having the need to stop and check the time and direction we are heading. Maybe it can be an upgrade for our scab through burgle just like the RS detector.
  8. True! We should be able to make more arrows out of it since it is one big feather after all. Maybe we should be able to harvest two types of material from it, one common material for crafting the arrows and one rare material for crafting the head gear and bed.
  9. Found them too in those areas and I was just farming weed stems and clay. I have more than 10 feathers now without even trying to chase the bird. It is easier to find the feather around the anthill and the western desert area because they are open areas.
  10. I believe so. There are new bugs in the game right now so maybe it glitch through the floor. Currently, you can only place trail markers on the ground. Boulders. grass floors and other surfaces is a no go for trail marks.
  11. The feather is like clay that you still have to gather the materials after breaking it. Just look around after harvesting it.
  12. I believe they are using a different software for editing stuff in the game and all other developers from other games do this. If the game developers allows us to change the terrain, remove boulders and stuff, we can easily manipulate how the bugs roam the backyard without any penalty. I am sure that in the future updates, we are going to have more buildable stuff and be able to make our own terrain with them. This will be more viable and balanced because bugs can penalize us for blocking their path by destroying the objects we built. The abilty to manipulate terrain is something that I
  13. I get what you mean. The developers will just have to customize these resource nodes to have different stages when struck a number of times and get different materials per broken layer. The only game that I can think of having the concept you are suggesting for grounded is minecraft and that is easier to do in that game because the terrain is literally made out of pixels with different materials.
  14. I get what you mean. In fallout 76 and due to the number of bugs and glitches in the game, players combine items to make new furniture lol. I wanted to use the square foundations as supports for my storage area instead of the grass walls, but the game does not allow us to construct a grass floor half way inside the square foundations.
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