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  1. Still very new here. I built my first shelter out of grass. And then I noticed ants would crowd around it. Are they trying to eat the base? Are they trying to break down the walls and carry the grass pieces away? Can they do that? And what about the sturdy versions?
  2. You guys say it's quite easy, but this is coming from someone who has played the game only since this past weekend (and hardly then because I have to avoid a roommate who will try talking to me THE ENTIRE TIME). I don't know most of the markers or directions. I even looked something up online and was told to "head west" and ended up south. That was in part from running from a spider, bumping in to things, turning, not knowing which direction I was facing anymore, and continuing to run because I was still in danger. It's something I needed from the beginning, when I first logged in. And just FY
  3. Yeah I can't do multiplayer. People I know are far too scared of spiders.
  4. Two things I have noticed we need on the main game screen/interface (NOT menus). We need the in-game time displayed as we are moving around, and a compass. I know what is to the north, what is to the south, etc. But I don't know which way I'm traveling unless I open the map. And every piece of grass looks similar, so it's hard to use the terrain to tell which way I'm going as I am actually moving. If I make a wrong turn because of terrain or something in the way, I have to open the map to look up my position and direction again. But if I know that I'm supposed to be heading straight north,
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