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Missing Juice and Grammar


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I built a water contaier under the straw at the Juicebox by the pond.  It has been more than 19 days in game and not a single drop of Juice has been produced.

And not a massive issue but there is a Grammar error in your text for OutPost Note: Burgl.  The word "with" is missing from the sentence.
"I'm sure you've been busy improving them <WITH> your ever-important flavour schemes"

Also in Ominent Log 3 the structure of the sentence "But perhaps I can convince him that they were miniature dice." seems off.  Technically using WERE would imply that they are no longer miniature dice or no longer exist.

Grounded - Early Access 2020-09-28 1_03_40 PM (2).png

Grounded - Early Access 2020-09-28 1_00_42 PM.png

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