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  1. All our structures are gone. We had several bases around the map. Quite large bases now they’re all gone in my latest save. I can go back several hours and it will load up ok but when I save it again and reload everything is gone. It’s like the base was dissembled.
  2. We need more mints to respawn. I understand enough for 4 players but we have had issues with backpacks getting glitched. Also I play with more than 4 friends. So more players in game would be good. Other players join when other friends are off line and no mint hammer for them because only enough for 4 players. It’s a pain to have to take out your hammer and leave it for someone else when your not playing. Thanks
  3. Same problems in my game. no dew no drops on leaves no mushroom farms working acorns not spawning back no flower pedals spawning back weeds are not regrowing too many ants respawning in ant hill causing low FPS and kicking friends out of the game.
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