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Corner porch themes

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The pumpkin is in such a good spot. It lurks overhead and watches over my base. I have the best pics now thanks obsidian!!

I would love to see more of this. Around holidays obv...

Xmas tree or snow man

Easter eggs

Maybe a secret  match you can find and light the wick for a firework show.(matches could make cool torches)

Valentine's day hearts and notes in the yard.

Turkey legs and toss cranberries.




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easily small enough we can carry it for a torch 🤪

For size reference.  the wolf spiders in the game grow to a max of about 35mm or roughly an inch and 1/8, just the body abdomen, thorax and head.  The common kitchen strike anywhere match is just over 2.5 inches, so twice the body length of a wolf spider.  So 1.5 maybe 2 weed stems long.


Xbox One X

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