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Auto-Equip Armor Upon Retrieval of Backpack

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I know I'm not the first to mention it, but upon searching the forums, I wasn't able to locate a topic specifically focused on this; only mentions here and there among other things.

Time and time again I get killed by a Spider or other insect, retrieve my backpack completely unaware that my armor doesn't Auto-Equip, and carry on playing for hours before I notice.


I would like to see the OPTION of having Auto-Equip Retrieved Armor ON in Start Menu -> Options -> Game; not to mention that it would add something to the Game Options Menu, which is looking a little dry.

I get that not everyone would go for this, for a number of reasons...like if I have better armor on by the time I get back to my Backpack...or whatever reason, but there are plenty of us who would love to see such an implementation.



Add "Auto-Equip Armor upon Retrieval" Toggle to Start Menu -> Options -> Game Tab

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