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  1. Not sure if im the only one having this problem but couldnt find any thread similar to my problem. my mouse click doesnt seem to response every now and then during melee combat. both attack and block. like i can attack twice and it stop responding, then works again, then not again.. same goes for block. its annoying when i see an open and try to attack but its not responding, or i can see im about to get hit and try to block, but my character isnt blocking when i press block. -yes i have stamina, sometimes even full, i checked and checked, tested and tested. its not stamina issue
  2. No, not the next one. It’s confirmed but no timeline. I wouldn’t expect it for at least few months.
  3. After all of the replies above, I just hope the Dev gets the idea and improve this ASAP. At the very least, Keep everything the same (for now) and only decrease (If not completely remove, not that we can easily find the injured bug) the regen time.
  4. You have Totally valid points. however, in the game’s current state, spiders are already hard enough to defeat, if spiders and others can climb, we have literally no chance to survive the game. Unless they add more defensive items like traps, or something you can build/place on logs, branches etc to make it unclimbable, or more powerful range weapon. if they make them stronger, then we have to be stronger or more items to make us stronger or help us defend, to balance.
  5. Another vote from me!!! Playing with headphones in the middle of the night, scared the FXCK out of me every time!!! sounds like earthquake!!!
  6. I agree the spoiled time is a little too short, but having the Jerky rack (though you have to progress a little and fight bombardier beetles) remove the issue for me. before you get the rack, you’ll just have to rely on mushrooms. 1 farm is not enough, build 2. You shouldn’t have to worry About food At all.
  7. I believe I’m not the one only that feels the spiders/ladybugs/stink bugs all the bigger creatures health regenerate too fast and straight back to 100% especially after shooting 50+ Arrows at them. I’m fine with long combat time and having to run away and chase back escaping enemy when they can’t reach you, jab and run tactic as the rewards feel worth it. But watching their HP bar jumps back to 100% after 15-20mins fighting it is extremely frustrating, upsetting and discouraging. hopefully this Can be improved/changed
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