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Found 3 results

  1. I started playing Grounded today, and I have been enjoying it with a few friends so far. While playing, I ran into a confusing dilemma: When in a Storage Container interface, hovering over an item stack, there is an option to press (LB) to "Take All", which I thought meant: "take the whole stack", but it took the whole container, filling my inventory, causing a huge delay having to manually put everything back. SUGGESTED SOLUTION: Put a quick transfer button (like in Minecraft) for quick swapping items between Inventory and Storage Containers. Also, clarify that "Take All" means "take everything out of the container", maybe change it to "Empty Container to Inventory" or something of the sorts, with a confirm dialog perhaps. The option to turn on confirmation dialogs for certain actions (like major item moves) would be a great addition!
  2. I'm playing through PoE for the first time, and I'm really enjoying it. I've first played it years ago, but never quite got to the end of the game. This time I have a 6 ranger custom party. Right now I'm doing the White March expansion, and so far it's been great. I've recently found the unique bow "Sabra Marie", which is a very nice weapon, so I stuck an elemental lash enchantment on it and gave it to one of my rangers. But since I did that, I've been experiencing some very irritating behaviors during combat. Here's the thing: Sabra Marie has an enchantment that confuses enemies on a critical hit. So during combat, enemies attacked by the character who wields it have a tendency to randomly become confused. That much is expected. However, I've noticed that when that happens, the confused enemy's selection circle sometimes changes to green, and since I'm using AI to direct most of the combat, my characters and pets stop attacking the confused enemy and go for someone else. This often results in all sorts of unfortunate situations. For example, this just happened to me: all of my characters were attacking a large troll. My pets surrounded it, and my rangers attacked it with bows from afar. Suddenly, the troll becomes confused, and my characters stop attacking it. The pets run past the troll to start attacking the ranged xaurips in the back, and my rangers also move forward to attack the other enemies. But then the confusion wears off, and the troll is now in the middle of my ranger group, and starts wreaking havoc on my poor defenseless back line. And that's no good. I'm not sure why the AI is programmed to stop attacking confused enemies. It's not like confused enemies are no longer a threat. They're just somewhat less of a threat, temporarily, until the confusion wears off, at which point they become a full threat once again. I've looked through the in-game options to see if there's anything I could do to change this behavior, but I couldn't find anything. But maybe I missed it? Please let me know if I did. The way it is, using Sabra Marie is more of a detriment to me than a benefit. If there's no other solution, I'm thinking of downloading a save game editor and try to remove the pesky enchantment that causes me all this grief, if that's indeed possible to do.
  3. This would represent a character whose mental state is in a complete disorder and they don't know why they do what they do, though they probably wish that they did.
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