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Storage Container UI Clarification

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I started playing Grounded today, and I have been enjoying it with a few friends so far. 

While playing, I ran into a confusing dilemma: When in a Storage Container interface, hovering over an item stack, there is an option to press (LB) to "Take All", which I thought meant: "take the whole stack", but it took the whole container, filling my inventory, causing a huge delay having to manually put everything back. 


Put a quick transfer button (like in Minecraft) for quick swapping items between Inventory and Storage Containers. Also, clarify that "Take All" means "take everything out of the container", maybe change it to "Empty Container to Inventory" or something of the sorts, with a confirm dialog perhaps. 

The option to turn on confirmation dialogs for certain actions (like major item moves) would be a great addition!


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