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pet Ant

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make ants carry things for you, maybe for a limited time, i know abbout the ant armor, but this idea it's interesting when u think about the game and "the how to transport materials from one place to another, maybe a wheelbarrow to move things.

For example:

1 ANT: 8 Grass 

1 wheelbarrow: 2 trunk

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Ants carry things away from my base, does that count?

I find the full ant armour is fine for transporting grass & stems. Get a few friends to join and bases fly up in no time. Pets are on the cards with the first being aphids according to the Feature Board. No sure how much of a help the'll be, but it's a start.

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On 11/15/2020 at 3:07 AM, Skjoldur said:

I proposed something similar a couple of months ago. Steal Egg -> raise ant -> ant follows and carries grass -> deposits grass on pallet

I believe that this system could not only be limited to ants, but also to other types of insects that can guard our bases or perform services like that of the ant.

Since we have options for traps, however we don't have a complete base invasion system yet. This pet system could be better developed together.

Even if they are some like mounts too, improving our movement around the map, from the speed item to the accessibility item, like riding a pet spider to climb to the top of the big tree.

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