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  1. Just tested 4.3 and at least for me it seems to solve the issue. My pre 4.2 saves are loading correctly again.
  2. Yeah, it's weird. It is understandable that an EA has bugs, but not finding 2 minutes to acknowledge or update on a serious bug like this I find kinda unprofessional. I don't mean to insult the developers and community guys, but this could and should be handled better. As I said... 2 minutes...
  3. I just haven't played since I noticed this bug after 4.2 dropped in the hopes that 4.3 will fix it. Another example why deployments / updates right before the weekend are a bad idea. -- Especially before a Steam free test weekend.
  4. I proposed something similar a couple of months ago. Steal Egg -> raise ant -> ant follows and carries grass -> deposits grass on pallet
  5. Hehe, my girlfriend does that all the time. She either throws or punches stuff accidentally all the time. Remapping the key is a good idea though. Did not think of it before. Regarding your proposal: Not sure about it, to be honest. Adding something like this only because some people are clumsy does not seem to be a good idea. I'd rather have the throwing option restricted to things where it actually makes sense, like rocks and spears. While throwing boots at a bug, which is not even possible, I think, might provide some level of entertainment, throwing a canteen does not really ma
  6. I don't understand... You want acorn bits and plant fiber to grow?
  7. Most high end items gone since the 4.2 update. I tested several saves but my character doesn't appear at the logout location but instead of the next-to-last spawn point with items that had been replaced and destroyed many, many ingame days ago. Everything else seems to be in order: Buildings chest content etc. looks like it should, though not that easy to tell. How is this even possible? Does the save game contain information about previous inventory states and messed it up now?!
  8. Have you noticed the size of the berries and acorns? How large do you propose this Growing station should be in order to allow a plant that produces fruit of that size? However, growing grass could be nice for areas where there is none at all. And maybe having grass fiber turn into dry grass after a couple of days would be a nice addition as well for areas without that.
  9. Everytime my girlfriend joins my game, her hotbar is getting all messed up and nothing is where it used to be. Anyone else noticed this?
  10. For some time now I continuously run into build restrictions that make no sense. For instance, I can build a dew collector next to a fence or wall, but then, after removing the fence or wall, I can't add said fence or wall back. Even worse, I can't even build a floor next to the floor tile the collector is standing on and sometime not even a wall below. This was introduced in a patch a couple of months back, I think, and it's driving me nuts. Also the ctrl-key issue is super annoying because items can't always be aligned properly. Maybe it's OCD, maybe because I am German... but
  11. Had no problem running through the anthill yesterday in full ant armor. However, I noticed a couple worker ants out in the world attacking me unprovoked, which, I think, should not happen. I was not wearing ant armor then, so I can't be sure, but maybe they would have attacked me even with it and this was also your problem.
  12. Happened to my girlfriend twice: Once after I (host) had a short disconnect and another time randomly, maybe also due a very short disconnect. Without knowing anything about the technical aspect I would guess, that the game lost the registration at the server that facilitates connection between game clients and did not reconnect after my disconnect. This however does not seem to be your problem. I assume your daughter still lives in your household? Then if your game is not running, you have not forwarded ports for Grounded manually and your daughter is still unable to host the
  13. I noticed that stems did not float when I fell into water while carrying them. They just sink to the ground then.
  14. I stopped playing, because multiplayer is super annoying with all these bugs. Guests / Clients need to relog constantly and sometimes even that does not help. And those bugs are, for the most part, not even on the Major Issues list on the Trello board, so I guess I will have to wait somewhat longer.
  15. I know, though that usually happens in big patches and not one with a single fix. And I was secretly hoping for undocumented multiplayer fixes. Can't really play that right now in its current state.
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