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  1. I am in the same boat, kind of annoying and to a stage I dont want to play the game. Im more annoyed at the progress in terms of building personally as I had to mine and craft so much stuff for my base just for it to be wiped I really hope the fix this
  2. This is my exact issue, all my saves have disappeared and I think my earliest save i can load is on game day 78, whereas I was on 120ish, im going to load it up tonight after work and fingers crossed its back, if not there is really no point in playing as im worried that ill put in all the effort to get back to where I was, just for them to eventually find a fix.
  3. Cheers dude d id it just come back when they done the next patch?
  4. Is there any way to get save progress back, I dont know whats happened but I definitely didn't delete the saves that was detailed
  5. Thats good but I also read deleting old saves helps if you have more than 10 - i did this and now the game has totally messed up and has started me 40 days behind everything I have lost so much progress!
  6. All my saves load me into the same spot - all my gear is missing, my backpack is missing, and I always load into the same spot by the can near the oak tree no matter what, whether i load my day 1 save or my day 123 save Please help as as it stands I've lost all my loot and progress
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