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  1. thank you, i consider a mallet in the hammer family, but that is me. Obsidian, continuing their great communication, emailed me saying the mallet breaking acorns was a bug that they corrected. anyway, thanks for the reply/help!
  2. where is this, in the depths? i've been swimming around and around and can't seem to find it. and yes thanks @Djinn56!
  3. Someone else mentioned the power switch in a flooded area, but i haven't located it yet. if i do i'll reply back
  4. same for me. all my saves after Sept 30th have disappeared. patch 4.3 doesn't bring them back. i've lost about 82 game days.
  5. i lost all saves after Sept 30th, about 80 game days lost. i've uninstalled / reinstalled game, nothing. new 4.3 patch doesn't fix either.
  6. Played the Koi Pond update, played throughout October, then all my saves after Sept 30th disappeared. Latest patch 4.3 does not bring any saves back after Sept 30th (see attached). sent in a ticket but also wanted to post here to see if anyone else is still having this issue. i was up over 280 game day played, so i've basically lost 80+ days since i don't have access to anything after Sept 30th. Xbox, single player
  7. yeah me too...doesn't show any games from Sept 30th through October. so weird. i started playing a new game as i want to explore the Koi Pond, but i'd like to play with my main character. hopefully a new patch will be coming soon
  8. yeah me too...i sent in a request so hopefully they can figure it out. i am going to try to remove / reinstall the game later and see if that resets everything..if it does i'll let you know. good luck!
  9. Yes this happened to me as well. i logged out and back in, but i can only access saves from Sept 30th or earlier. i'm going to uninstall and reinstall the game in a little bit and see if that works. i sent in a report to the Obsidian crew...
  10. thank you for looking into this. i've reported this, but listing in the forums as well, and i'm NOT playing in mulit-player. i'm on Xbox one playing solo. it also wiped out all my saves from oct / nov, i can only access Sept 20th saves or earlier.
  11. Yeah me too. I was getting the memory full error, I went in today after I saw the update and all my games were gone to September 30th. so I was going to uninstall/reinstall the game and see if that does anything...
  12. that's too bad, sorry to hear that. i'm just messing around / wasting time with a new kid until the next patch comes out and i hope and pray it can get me back to where i was in October, because i did a ton of work after their last content release. fingers crossed!
  13. this is great news, i'm having same issue on Xbox one playing single player. i have tried workarounds but the last save i can access is Sept 30th only, 201 game days. i had played up until last week where i got to 282 days, but lost it all. also, i try to delete old saves but they keep coming back, from Sept 1 - Sept 25. patch 3.3 didn't fix it for me. posted this previously, so apologize for repeating. in the meantime, to get my fix, i started all over with another of the kids. great game, thank you!
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