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Xbox - Patch 4.3 Still doesn't Bring Back Lost Saved Games

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Played the Koi Pond update, played throughout October, then all my saves after Sept 30th disappeared.

Latest patch 4.3 does not bring any saves back after Sept 30th (see attached). sent in a ticket but also wanted to post here to see if anyone else is still having this issue.

i was up over 280 game day played, so i've basically lost 80+ days since i don't have access to anything after Sept 30th.

Xbox, single player


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I had some different issues regarding my saves, but I also haven't been able to trust my saves in a while.

The new update has not been able to restore what was lost. But I have been able to load saves made after 0.4.3

I had issues before the koi update, so my save problems do not seem the same as yours. However there is hope for more save stability in the future, we just might have to rebuild what we have lost so far.

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