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  1. Did you hit the power switch in that flooded area of the lab you can get to? Since the update you have to hit that switch to enable the three underwater switches to get into the main lab.
  2. It happens to most people at some point, it's alright. It looks like they moved it to the right place, maybe somebody here can help you figure it out.
  3. Um... You're on the Grounded forum, not The Outer Worlds. I would still help, but I haven't played that DLC. Perhaps a written walkthrough would help you more than the video you watched? Or find a Let's Play and scrub through to where they go through the barrier.
  4. I had some different issues regarding my saves, but I also haven't been able to trust my saves in a while. The new update has not been able to restore what was lost. But I have been able to load saves made after 0.4.3 I had issues before the koi update, so my save problems do not seem the same as yours. However there is hope for more save stability in the future, we just might have to rebuild what we have lost so far.
  5. Patch 0.4.3 has come out with a couple changes to the save system and I was hopeful. I booted up the game to start troubleshooting and hit continue game ...and it was stuck loading my saves for at least 4 minutes. Not A save, just the list of save games. I loaded an exit-save (which had been my work-around to previous save issues) and found a lot of my buildings still missing(which was the issue that stopped me playing). I then made a manual save from there and tried to load an earlier save where I had more of my infrastructure intact. I was then stuck in the loading screen for
  6. Just saw the patch notes Shyla shared in Technical support around the same time I posted this and no, no this will not fix that issue. But you know, congrats on being able to place your buildings straight again. Can't wait until I can rejoin you all in the backyard when I can be sure the stuff I build will be there in my next session.
  7. There was a ~600 MB update on my Xbox today and this is after the content update. I can't find any information on what this update contains. Will this fix the problem with my buildings disappearing every time I load a save?
  8. Yep, same thing here. I was on day 207 when save problems started with crashing when I tried to load and then most of the things I had built started disappearing. And then when I started a new game, the very first save I tried to load and my little starter base was just ...gone. I don't know what to do at this point; I can't really play this game with these issues. Edit: However, this was not on the test servers but on the basic servers.
  9. You are the size of an ant, there's no reason for arrows made of thistle or a hammer made of mints to even catch a crows attention. I seriously find it boggling how many people's first reaction is "I want to fight it." That being said, the crow is cool and I would like to see more feather based armor.
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