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Patch 0.4.3 has come out with a couple changes to the save system and I was hopeful.

booted up the game to start troubleshooting and hit continue game ...and it was stuck loading my saves for at least 4 minutes. Not A save, just the list of save games.

I loaded an exit-save (which had been my work-around to previous save issues) and found a lot of my buildings still missing(which was the issue that stopped me playing). I then made a manual save from there and tried to load an earlier save where I had more of my infrastructure intact.

I was then stuck in the loading screen for 8 minutes before giving up and restarting the game.

I thought "This is just fantastic."

Upon restart, getting into the list of saved games was quicker and the manual save I made was able to be loaded; This is truly fantastic.

More troubleshooting remains to be done. I paused the game there and made this essay of a post. I still have to check on what has to be rebuilt from a week's worth of effort and make sure that new saves won't wipe anything out of the universe.

But I remain hopeful. I remember experiences in Fallout: New Vegas and KOTOR II. I remind myself that Grounded is still rather early in its development.


Has anyone else had an experience like this? What problems are still around? Can I return to the backyard knowing that what I build will remain?

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