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  1. Thats exactly what I was talking about. World changes are kept when you save, but your inventory, character progression, and starting position are reset. To avoid losing items, make sure you put anything that wass not in your starting inventory in a chest or storage container before you quit (the inventory reset allows for an item duplication glitch (if you're into that kind of thing)). No way to fix losing perk progress or to correct the spawn location issues until we get a patch. Builds, insect kills, quest progress, and raw science are safe. @Shane LeadbetterNo, the issues with
  2. I had that happen to me a while back. I generally try to avoid changing the saves list as much as possible. Deleting saves seems to cause more problems than it fixes, and at least in my case they end up coming back. Last time it happened it brought back almost 70 deleted saves, and I lost the 2 saves I had that actually worked. So I just left all of the ones that it brought back. And as far as I know, there's no way to get back deleted saves. But you should check with obsidian on that. In the meantime, I wouldn't change your save files so they can look at them exactly how they are. Good luck.
  3. If you are experiencing the same issues that many of us are having, your progress should still be current. Builds, chest inventory, etc., are how they were on the last logout. It seems to just be the backpack inventory and starting spot that gets reset to a previous point. I did multiple tests on pc last night regarding this, and it only seems to happen after closing the game. I can play after loading, save and load normally, and make progress, but after I close the game my inventory and spot are reverted back. It seems to have crossed an old save with a new one because everyone experiencing i
  4. Well it's good to see they acknowledged the issue. Im hoping they get it resolved soon. I gave in and started from my pre-3.0 save, and finally got back the 20+ days I had lost. Then today when I started the game, all my saves using 3.0 are listed as unknown. They still load correctly, but I'm VERY hesitant to keep playing them just in case they decide to go missing like the last ones. It's a very frustrating situation. I feel for everyone who has lost progress over this. Also, I can confirm that uninstall/reinstall didn't help at all with missing saves, and it didn't help the sync process at
  5. Has this progressed into anything worse for you? Lost or corrupted saves or anything? Or is it just the unknown thing? I just finally got back through the almost 30 in-game days I lost because of disappearing saves, and now this happened. Im not trying to lose all that again.
  6. Sorry to hear you didnt have the same luck I did. I'm not sure it would be anything user or account specific with as widespread of an issue as it seems to be. What has me stumped is the time frame that its happening in. From what I can tell, some people started experiencing this long before 3.0, and others are just now starting to experience it. It really doesn't even seem to be something linked to an update. My guess is there's something off with their sync setup. A friend of mine had an issue with his save files weeks before the 3.0 update. I haven't experienced the max saves issue, and I ge
  7. So it seems like 3.1 has fixed the save issue for me. None of the save files after 3.0 ever came back, but I'm able to successfully delete old saves now, and the new saves I made after 3.1 are staying put. For now anyway. Hopefully the issue was resolved, and they don't just disappear again later. I have closed and restarted my game multiple times and so far, so good. Just wanted to share that with you in case you wanted to check on your situation again. Good luck.
  8. I have posted about my problems with this on multiple threads trying to figure something out with this, but it seems like people are experiencing some different "symptoms." I don't know if I feel better or worse knowing this is happening on both xbox and pc. If you're curious about what exactly happened to me and what I'm experiencing, im still the last post in a few of the threads so it should be pretty easy to find. Wish I could help, but all we can do is wait for them to figure out what exactly is causing all this.
  9. Do the deleted saves keep coming back? I don't get that message, but I'm unable to save, and when I delete old saves, they just reappear the next time I load the game. Something with the save sync isn't working right.
  10. Same happened to me yesterday. Started off with the day 0 bug, then after an uninstall and reinstall, every save after 3.0 is gone, and I'm unable to crate new saves. Hoping those 20+ in game days aren't gone forever.
  11. When you load your game does it reset it back to day 0? I had that happen to me yesterday. Still had my inventory, but multiple saves loaded me in the same spot (with a full inventory) but reset to day 0. All my buildings are gone, along with all progress. Just wondering if you're running into the same problem. Immediately following that I uninstalled and reinstalled, then all my new saves after update 3.0 are gone. Lost 20+ in game days. So if you are at day 0 when you load up, be very careful. You could end up losing all of your 3.0 saves.
  12. Same thing happened to me yesterday. Although mine started out with the "day 0" bug. No matter which save i tried it always loaded on day 0. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. Once I got back to my save list, all of the saves after update 3.0 were just gone, which caused me to lose 20+ in-game days of progress. I tried loading the last save it listed (which worked fine) but it's doing the same thing to the saves now. The game allows me to save, but after I close the game and start back up, it completely resets my saves. No new ones, and the old old saves that I deleted are back. This is a nuc
  13. First of all, the game is great. I really only have one suggestion for things at this point. Especially since the addition of the crow, things being lost to water is becoming more of an issue. I have 2 crow feathers lost in the puddle below the bird bath, and one up in it. These are just lost since using an axe underwater isn't an option. I understand not being able to use a shovel underwater, but a one handed axe is definitely doable. However, if that is a mechanic specifically intended to be left out, maybe an option of dragging things out of the water could be added? I bring this up because
  14. I was talking to a friend about this last night and we're figuring there's a limit on how much dew is allowed to spawn. Personally I'm guessing the issue is coming from the sprinklers on the map that spawn water that rolls into the pond. If it doesn't count those as removed from the map, its very possible thats whats causing it. But again, thats just a guess.
  15. My workaround has been to just drink the nasty water and carry around a couple stacks of acorn bits. Only takes 4 to completely replenish hunger, so you can still do quite a bit of exploring before having to worry about it.
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