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  1. ok so I unpluged my xbox from the main power to fix it it was not working in till I did that so my problem has ben fixed baby when I un plunged it restarted the save files but it still put me back before but at least I can save now
  2. every time im getting off of grounded I make a just in case save and log off but when I load the game back up it did not save at all it just brings me back to the same save file from day 163 to 157 save file and it dose not remember any of the save files I did be for I think it hast to do with the choice if I wanted to use xbox hard drive or cloud I wanted to click cloud but accidentally clicked xbox hard drive and I thought this will be fine but when I just got the zip-line blueprint built a couple of zip-lines and divide to take a brake so I saved and logged out then logged back
  3. the only tool I have that I can move under water is my shovle is any one else having this problem
  4. well what I mean kitchen like what ever comes to your mind like what's the first thing you when you think of when you walk in to the kitchen to cook with true it would be cooler to be in the later development that would be a good idea to see if they can add a oven and that is a good resource too. maybe they can add more like leaf parts home made bug oil or something around that general area having a frige would be handy but what would you make it out of
  5. I have one how about the rhino beetle and if you look on google what it is it will show you a 3d image well if you can't find it I looked it up on my phone I screened shot it
  6. I guess the pot can be made out of scrap from the oak lab explosion right all that metal won't go to waste right and it can be the tear two camp fire and the kitchen can be level three items or two its up to the public
  7. well good for you I play on xbox so you must pc so you must have better timing with perfect blocking I'm not judging the way you play I'm just telling my part of my exsperences But back to the topic every big bug dose regenorate they're health when they run away it kinda sucks when you got them more than haft they're health gone it kinda sucks that when they run away all that work you did is now lost it just gets irritating.
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