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  1. I've tried this on Xbox, it lets me hit A) on the difficulty bar but won't let me select a different difficulty. I've tried it on different Xboxs and game saves. Nothing seems to let me select a different difficulty.
  2. SUGGESTIONS: *NOTE* I'm on Xbox so its preview game. So some of these may be on the full release? 1) ability to show friends distance from you just like the GPS markers 2) dandelion flooring 3) colored carpet (different colored flower petal and gnat fuzz for example) 4) acorn fence gate 5) half walls 6) dandelion stairs 7) colored stair runners (same idea as carpet) hammock (portable but breaks after so many uses) need two grass to connect it to or build hammock posts? 9) ability to dual wield daggers (maybe a new armor perk) 10) tubu
  3. I agree with this, we should be able to change difficulty in game, maybe not down but at least up!
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