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  1. My character has corrupted 4 times with my mint mallet I play on xbox and have 40 hours played so I dont want to reset my game because the mints will not respawn I got them in the first 20 hour so that means either it takes more than 20 hours or they don't repawn!!!! Please help
  2. Yeah I made my base were I can't see the ground and they still take stuff from my chest
  3. there is no way to change the difficulty I did it on the hardest level and now I'm 20 hours in and can't kill anything higher rank in the food chain to advance but I dont want to make a new game because I'm 20 hours in. PLEASE ADD A CHANGE DIFFICULTY OPTION
  4. The sap collectors are so hard to place on a tree you have to just spam place key and move slightly in different directions why can't it just simply be placed on the log anywhere as long as it is touching
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