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  1. So, since the Hedge patch, I have only seen one roaming wolf spider... but I have noticed the other bugs have entered hard mode! There's a gang of roaming ladybugsbullies, the stink bugs are making a last stand, there's a bombardier beetle using my trampoline elevator, and the orb weavers are hiding in groups on fence posts and in caves... (see screenshots).
  2. Please prioritize the fix for this issue! Really annoying as I'm part way through building a new base
  3. I also have this bug. Very annoying, since building is the main part of the game at the moment.
  4. I think the new 'remove stump to prevent respawn' may be unclear to players and might also be removed accidentally and irreversibly while cutting frantically. Using shovel to uproot the grass stem gives an extra usefulness to the shovel and is a more deliberate action for removing the grass, so no accidents.
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