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The wolf spiders have stopped roaming, but the other threats have increased...

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So, since the Hedge patch, I have only seen one roaming wolf spider... but I have noticed the other bugs have entered hard mode!

There's a gang of roaming ladybugsbullies, the stink bugs are making a last stand, there's a bombardier beetle using my trampoline elevator, and the orb weavers are hiding in groups on fence posts and in caves... (see screenshots).






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Oh I wish Wolf Spiders had stopped roaming. Went about 50 days without seeing one roaming and then they started wondering around areas I'd deemed safe. Ladybugs are like buses, you spend days looking for one then 3 turn up at once. Stink bugs always seem to congregate at that mound in the dry area, good place to farm them as they don't venture to far from it. It looks like you've built your elevator in an area that's frequented by bombardier beetle, so expect them to us it. I used to get ants bouncing into my home until I removed the problem trampoline. 

It's a known issue that spider (and some other bugs) are spawning where they shouldn't. I suggest noting where this is happening a letting the development team know.

Some creatures are spawning in or beneath terrain.

Spiders are getting into areas that should be too small for them.

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