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  1. So me and my brother have a massive base going along the log stumps right next to the roses (and the spiders )! Each stump is a different room (bug part storage, armor and weapons, water collection, smoothie shop, health clinic, etc.). We’ve got bridges and stairs galore so basically we need a ton of stems lol. I’m so grateful the weeds by us grow back! But I have noticed the ones closest to the juice box that’s right next to us and the water never came back we also noticed the stink bugs we killed once upon a time have now finally returned to grief us lol (I bet they spawned underground be
  2. So I play on Xbox and I host a multiplayer session for me and 1 other person to play. When it comes to building, sometimes we both have totally different snap points. Also, builds are out of place on their screen, on my screen I’ll see the correct builds, but they’ll be inside the ground on their screen. They can watch me build a wall torch let’s say, they leave the room and they come back and it’s completely gone. I’m thinking it’s a client side issue maybe? We’ve had this issue with the snap points being different depending on which screen you see it on since the beginning. The ne
  3. I’ve noticed that too! Plenty of weeds once gone are back again. I’m glad they fixed it.
  4. Hmm very interesting. I haven’t noticed if any have grown back in random locations. Thanks for the info!
  5. I’ve just been building my base up in anticipation for the new update and I need stems. Do weeds grow back at all? I know for a fact dandelions grow back but weeds are obviously a better source of stems.
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