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  1. Same here. Have a not-that-squishy character (Cipher), but he ended up at the front row and targetted by everybody and their cat. A volley or two later and he was dead despite trying to fire off second wind (think he may have died before getting it off, but wouldn't have mattered much anyway). I have also noticed that sometimes the character sequencing in the UI is wrong, which causes the formation to get way off too. For instance that Eder is listed last instead of 2nd. Same, I didn't mention it, but my Eder also moves to the end some times, not sure why. Also, thanks for t
  2. Right, you still can. (Though not on the boat) But it doesn't matter, because it ignores it anyways when you board. It just makes up it's own order, with the PC at the front to die. I can't believe this made it out of playtesting, it makes playing any non-melee immensely harder.
  3. Description: When starting a naval battle, the player character is always at the front. This is utterly game-breaking for some builds on PotD, and inconsequential on others. I've had to start a new play-through. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Play a character, rearrange the party formation, then start a naval battle. How you set it up has no impact on how you load into the battle. Savegame: Can't attach, on a completely unrelated note, my save games just corrupted. Maybe because I have two characters with the same name? Not sure, gave up on that play-through anyways. Sytem Specs
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