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  1. I was referring to his comment about how Quartzite doesn't re-spawn in the mite cave.
  2. Why! It should re-spawn, it is an essential early resource for repairing and either the developers make the resources to repair a few items of what it costs to make it, or they make it so it is fairly easy to get. A player should always have the ability to repair something, no matter how late or early into their progression they are. I hope you guys change your mind on this, because I see major complaints about this down the road.
  3. Before, the patch, I never had an issue with these two. Since the patch, these two have not produce one mushroom or Dew droplet.
  4. I have official collected all the Quartzite in the game now.
  5. So I have exhausted all of this in the game, not one area has re-spawned any of this stuff!
  6. Rude, really. You barged into a conversation without fully reading the reply, then proceeded to tell me what I already had stated. You're too funny!
  7. Then, I suggest you read what I said, before clarifying with someone who has been in the Games Industry for 35 years.
  8. Yeah, thought about this a few times, however did you know certain gear can allow you to carry up to 8 planks/weed?
  9. Totally agree, this has always been the way games are developed. However, the issue becomes blurred with Early Access/Game Preview, because the two actually blend together. It is clear that this game still has a lot of content to be added, which is by definition the stages of Alpha, where as Beta is when they focus on just the bugs. This has been the way software has been developed for 30+ years. But like I said, it becomes blurred, because Early Access/Game Preview doesn't have the distinction between the two to identify at what stage it actually is. But why are you ranting about this? Is it because of the players or the Developers?
  10. You do realise that Alpha comes before Beta, Alpha is when the game is still being worked on and all the content is not in the game. Beta, is when all the content is in the game and they are focusing on just the bugs!
  11. Has anyone else noticed that the Quartzite in the tunnel on the first mission with the wire in the tunnel, is no longer spawning?
  12. Spiders in real life to go exploring, otherwise why would they end up in your home! But I agree, something needs to be done for them as well as others.
  13. I too have come across this bug, but I came across it in the Storage Basket, video also provided of it happening.
  14. Nearly all bugs can phase through them, I have seen Ants in side a 5x5 hut when they where on the outside not 10 secs earlier.
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