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Quartzite not respawning

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On 8/3/2020 at 4:45 AM, Draco Invictus said:

It may not respawn. You may have to farm it from the anthill and the larvae cave under spade gulch.


22 hours ago, psychopie said:

The spade gulch cave is swarming with larvae, it's nearly impossible to venture forth.


The anthill also seem pretty busy :(

I have official collected all the Quartzite in the game now.

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Ever since the latest patch many things have not respawned. The quartzite always respawned for me but now this bug is affecting Dew Collector, Mushroom Garden, and even weeds don't respawn anymore. Submit a bug via Obsidian Support, hopefully this will push them to send out a hot fix for this.

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