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  1. EXCELLENT job on the bird. It's movements and manerisms spot on. Glad he don't want to eat me.
  2. Not sure how but I was inside. Nothing really there except an ant. Couldn't get out though and had to load the lsast save.
  3. It would be nice if you were able , for instance, to upgrade a plain grass plank wall to a sturdy wall without deconstructing the existing and only adding the missing components.
  4. I have the T2 hammer and opened the mint container. The indicator is green saying i should be able to harvest. I can beat on it all day and not get 1 mint. This is ocurring on PC.
  5. I could. I am 68 and never played Minecraft Central US tie zone but retired can play almost anytime.
  6. I understand only being able to place the same liquid in the same container. Why is it when I try to slurp from the containers I have already filled it says you cannot mix liquids? Is this a bug or intentional ? CONFUSED!!!!!
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