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Found 3 results

  1. I have well over 800 hours in grounded and I am glad I ever came around to playing the game. I feel as if the game is missing a lot of great opportunities in terms of content, I have some ideas and features. I know the developers were planning to not add anything else after the yoked girth update but I still want to give these ideas out due to me working pretty hard on all of these ideas for several months. And for the new areas running on the xbox and other platforms. I was thinking they could be a place you load into instead. That would make the game not tank the whole map being loaded in at once. Creatures Trap door spider (Boss) (Area and design) I think it would be awesome if there was a new dark area that you need a late game item to get into like a access card made from upper yard bug parts or a lab like the undershed lab. For the place it would be is those electric dig outs with the plastic covers you see everywhere and can take the top off would be a amazing place for this. The spider having multiple tunnels in there and a small crack in the plastic cover allowing the player to go inside the cold wet and dark home of the trap door spider but needing a access card first. In this area there will be tons of webs to slow you down along with the trap door spider that has several “trap doors” it uses to surprise attack you with along with the darkness really making it interesting and a harsh environment. Trap door spiderlings wouldn’t be necessary. For attacks I think the boss should have a attack where it moves its back legs back and then charges at the player and bite them, this attack would break blocks and poison. Another attack would be the spider doing the same pose the orb weaver does but shoots out webs right away, the web keeping the player stuck for long and forcing the player to hit the web they are stuck in to break out. A lunge attack, the spider would lunge forward and bite (breaking blocks) then deliver 3 more small bites after the lunge bite. Phase two the spider would get faster and have its attacks revamped. For the web shot it would shoot out several webs like a scatter shot that slowed you for 10s after you break out. The lunge bite would turn into a jump bite where it would slow you and lower your defense due to dust being formed from the landing, a bonus attack for phase two would be the spider jumps up onto the ceiling and crawls into a random trap door tunnel, the trap door exits being all around the arena, it would then lunge out of the trap doors. And the charge attack would be a bluff charge and then a dash back into a jump followed with a lunge bite and then several bites. For phase three the spider will be on low health. It will run into the tunnels where the player would have to chase it, this is where the spider would ambush the player with its trap doors that are in the tunnels, lunging out and biting the player. (Drops and other) The trap door spider will give more spider parts than orbweavers and wolf spiders along with web. I think there could also be some kind of special tier III web it drops that can be made into a projectile for bows/crossbows and can slow down bugs and make flying bugs drop to the ground dazed for a few moments before getting back up/flying. The design for the projectile would be like a rope of sticky silk that shoots out in the form of a net. The trap door spider would have the same respawn time as black widows. The trap door spider would be less difficult than the infected broodmother but more difficult than the orchid mantis and queen wasp. The spider would be resistant to everything like the blackwidow. Centipede (Boss) (Area and design) I think a centipede boss would also be a amazing addition, having more health than the mantis. It would be located near the house and on the porch deck. It would be blocked off by tier III debris that you would need the tier III axe or hammer to break. Centipedes feed on silverfish, roaches, and spiders. Silverfish have been something the community has wanted for a while so I think silverfish bug parts and black widow spider parts would be a good thing to use to make the summoner for the centipede along with mantis and queen wasp parts. The arena being pretty much as large as the lizard arena was going to be. Attacks like the centipede swiping its tail which would break blocks. Its tail with the spikes on it coming up over its hear and stabbing you. Lunging bite attacks. (Drops) Centipedes Chiten armor like plates on their bodies is insanely strong to the point where you can’t stomp on one to kill it, you would need to grind your foot to kill it. Going off this point I think Chiten plates from the centipede would be a good drop. Along with a end game spear that uses its tail spike, tough gunk could also be dropped by the centipede as well. And keep in mind centipedes are somewhat venomous so you could add that to the boss or the weapon. Im thinking some of the attacks would be similar to the iceworm from subnautica below zero (minus the burrowing and jumping into the ground, unless you want to add that too). The centipede Chiten plates would be able to make armor, the armor effect giving your weapon the sizzling effect, every armor piece buffing the sizzle damage. Bull ants, bull ants would be more big bulky in the game, having all there attacks break blocks. Their parts being able to make a tier III combat hammer version of the ant clubs. Their parts could also make armor that give your player better hauling strength and reduced damage when not blocking. These ants do have venom as well. I think the soldier bull ants should have a little less health than black ox beetles, and the workers having a little less than fire ant soldiers. They could have a smaller ant hill that is the size of the old ant hill. A burgle chip in the bull ant hill that would unlock bull ant food and a mutation stage 1/1 that gives you a higher chance to stagger and daze. (Coach horse beetle) I realize this had been brought up before so I am going to link a amazing concept of this, props to the guy that made it though. This concept I like is not my work but theirs https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/128144-new-ideasconcepts-currently-only-one-new-bug/ Biome Now for a new biome I think a greenhouse would be the way to go. I know this would be incredibly hard to implement but it would be amazing. Adding sprinklers into then greenhouse to water the carnivorous plants and exotic plants. There is so much potential with plants in the greenhouse. It would be a humid tier III enviroment with a scorpion boss that had maybe escaped a broken terrarium. Dropping scorpion stingers and claws along with scorpion venom that could be made into scythes. The greenhouse also having aloe for healing items. And there could be some bees in there and maybe even some butterflies. Ladybugs and rollypollys would also be in there and maybe a few orbweavers. (Redacted stuff) As for the Lizard. It was practically already done being made as seen from the leaked dev world. It would be amazing to add to the game. Silverfish and earwigs were also made almost completely. (Random) We currently have Salty, Sour, Spicy, and Minty. These are four common categories of flavors. But I think Cinnamon and Sweet are some obvious ones you could add in for new bugs/bosses and maybe even make staffs out of (rip the salty staff) talking about the salty staff I think the attack for the salty staff could be spikes that rise out of the ground. For cinnamon it could be a cloud of cinnamon dust that damages and slows bugs over time. And for Sweet it would be a healing staff that you could shoot at your friends and heal them with but cripples your energy fast. A new idea I have thought about is traps, the traps in the game currently are very lackluster. I think a swinging log with spikes in it would be awesome. I realize this would be hard to implement due to physics problems but its a cool concept. Add a way to get more storage for your backpack. I don’t care how you do it, just do it. A moth glider as a more durable and faster glider. Made from moth fuzz, pupa hide and moth wings. Scarab beetle pet, this pet would be tamed with glimmering slurry that would require standard stuff along with quartzite shard and marble shard. The pet giving you a luck boost when equipped. The slurry would be made from pupa hide and would be tier III. Thats all though. Thank you for reading.
  2. My Concepts/Ideas This is my list of various concepts and ideas that I have recently thought of, hopefully inspiring anyone reading to also come up with new concepts or even variations of these ones, which I would very much like to see. Hopefully seeing in the future one or some of these insects being considered by the Obsidian Team, though I do believe some insects that I will be adding onto the list are already in the Obsidian Teams list of bugs to implement. Overtime I will add additional concepts onto my list, each one with an image to go along with it. But for now I hope you enjoy what is currently here and perhaps use it to inspire yourself with new ideas for Grounded. (Also I realise that not all of the images are very accurate to being within the game, but they are just concepts and drawn by hand so I apologise for any errors I made in my pictures. (especially the ones with webs in them) The Devil's Coach Horse Beetle Names: Devil's Coach-Horse Beetle (Longer name) Rove Beetle (Shorter name) Night Terror (Nickname for Boss like 'Mother Demon') Type: Boss Tier: Level 4 and Above Attitude: Aggressive Location: Inside of Giant Log Underneath Stone Slab Within a Compost Heap Spawn Condition: Night Time Only boss spawn, would require boss item to initiate boss fight. Far away from staring area, all bosses should be located away from new or low-tier players. If not then very well hidden or unlocked after completing certain chips or in-game story events. Locations: Inside of Giant Log, the giant log could act as a spawn location for the new boss the 'Night Terror' it would be a largely expansive hollow log filled with resources and mainly various insects that prefer moist environments like larvae, grubs and even various spiders. It could also be home to some new insects yet to be made and various materials like moss and mushrooms. During the Night though, this area will act as the boss arena for the Night Terror aka the Devil's Coach-Horse. Underneath Stone Slab, the stone slab could be one of many slabs located on the stone wall side of the garden, having one particular slab contain a burrow which will lead to a expansive air pocket underneath the slab which would act as the Night Terror's den, being full of stone, quartz, various grub like insects and perhaps some new materials too. Within a Compost Heap, this compost heap could be a new location found in one of the corners of the garden, being full of high tier resources and insects purposefully placed far from new and low tier players to prevent them from encountering the tougher insects too soon. The Night Terror boss would be located at the deepest part of the compost. The compost would be full of all kinds of insects, many resources, mainly being rotting organic matter. The Boss Room of the Night Terror would be very large and upon entering its purpose is instantly recognised due to the graveyard of insect pieces. Although the boss itself will require a specific item to summon or lure out of hibernation. Abilities: The Devil's Coach-Horse itself is filled to the brim with weapons, other than being a complete beast and resembling the appearance of a black soldier ant who drank every smoothie in the game. It is also widely viewed as one of the most savage insects commonly found in most global gardens. Being about 20-32mm in size (real-life) and the adverage wolf spider being 10-35mm (real-life), helps provide the kind of size and strength this thing can handle. Its main diet revolves mainly around a range of invertebrates, including worms, slugs, moths, spiders and woodlice (rollypollys). During its attack you can also tell from its scorpion like posture that it is enraged, but I think the red glowing eyes is a bit of a give away. This insect was built to fight. First of all, its armour is pratically impenetrable. This could make for quite an interesting AI, forcing the player to either knock over the insect by perfect blocking one of its charged attacks to give the player a limited amount of time to inflict some damage before it flips back up the right way. Or any kind of punctering or stabbing weapon could also deal damage through its armour causing players to prepare for this boss fight ahead of time. Another way would be just an excuse to make this insect have an insane amount of health. It also has two massive pincer-like mandibles which considering can cause pain to normal sized human beings may cause quite a high amount of damage to someone the size they are in Grounded, but of course blocking will help prevent these powerful bites. I would also recommend wearing full tier 3 or above armour that has also been upgraded by quite a moderate amount, that way you can be sure that you wont die in the first 3 hits. The insect itself is also a close relative to bombardier and that similarity can be seen through the pair of white glands located at the end of its abdomen, these glands produce a foul-smelling odour or to someone about 14mm in size would be like breathing toxic gas. They are also equipped with a pair of wings, though very rarely used could allow the Night Terror to get to players too far away from it (though this should not occur if placed within a boss arena) or could play as a second stage to the boss fight itself. They are also incredibly fast and can catch up to the adverage player similar to how a wolf spider can, but they cannot jump and instead must use their surroundings to find another way up, this could be used in the boss arena itself making paths for players to run away temporarily as the Night Terror runs up the longer pathways to get to where you are going, but without allowing the players to cheese the insect in battle. Drops and Items: Its drops would be basic in nature, closely resembling a mixture of bombardier and ant parts. Night Terror Part Night Terror Mandibles Night Terror Glands The parts could be used in an assortment of different ways. Night Terror Armour - Could Include 'Night Terror Visor', allowing wearing to have slight night-vision on equip, this is due to the Night Terror's nocturnal characteristics and its night-vision-like sight. The rest of the pieces are optional but full sets are always better in my opinion and could be based souley around night time exploration or purely defensive, especially against toxins. New Weapon and Shield - Could include a Night Terror Sword (one-handed) and a Night Terror Shield, the shield being able to negate 50% of incoming damage and the sword being both one handed, fast and very damaging mixed with a new effect called Terror Toxin which acts like a more potent poison effect. Night Terror Glands could be used for various objects or even structures such as: New building piece for warding away faciton-reactivity attacks and allow players to protect their most important bases, of course wearing out after about 1-3 uses and also costing very expensive materials, this prevents attacks due to the foul odour it produces which most insects even spiders are disgusted of. A new grenade type weapon used to cause massive toxic gas, filled with Terror Toxin which deals increasing damage to all organic insects. (except weevils and infected insects) Could even be used a new type of upgrade which can be added to high tier weaponary adding the Terror Toxin effect to the weapon similar to that of the Night Terror Sword. This would require a fully upgraded weapon before hand. (which would most likely be required to defeat the Night Terror anyway) Additional Information: I'm aware that the Devil's Coach-Horse Beetle and Rove Beetle are not the same insect but in context of the game they would be very similar which is why I have listed them together as this one boss, personally it should be based mainly one the Devil's Coach-Horse Beetle as they are larger and more vicious in nature. But they are similar enough to be tweaked slightly and be almost the same in most other attributes except some minor appearance differences.
  3. Tier three- human scrap. We already kind of have an idea of what will be tier three tools and weapons, as we have already seen the mint mallet (the marksman's cap doesn't count as the armor tiers is more broad and random.) The mint mallet is made out of old mint chunks. It is also made out of high level nature items. This could be the same for all the other tools and weapons. For example, a charcoal hammer. It would be made out of (you guessed it) charcoal pieces and a paper stalk (more on that later.) You could then use the charcoal hammer to break glass. It could be used for arrows, a spear, and an axe. All these tools' handles would paper stalks. These would be made out of paper bits (which you could maybe find in the shed and would cut up with a tier two axe.) You would use two of these and one copper fiber to make one paper stalk. You would find copper wire inside broken plastic wire and would be able to cut it. You could then soften it in a forge/ oven, thus making it copper fiber. I don't know what the bow would be made out of (most likely some bendy human garbage; maybe a wire bow?) The dagger would be made out of some venomous thing from a bug somewhat harder than the wolf spider. The armor would be a mix of random scrap and rare items (maybe we could see more items that could be broken apart- like m&ms and popcorn.) Tier four- small animals/ big bugs. Things like hummingbirds, scorpions, roaches, katydids, lizards, daddy long- legs, and centipedes would be cool. You would have to be more creative about the way you kill these creatures, as you could not fight them straight on. For example: You could arm an old mouse trap to kill a mouse. You would weaken a roach with roach poison, then kill it. You could cut off pieces of a centipede. You could smash a daddy long leg's legs in, then hit its body and head. You could then use a daddy long leg to make a spear. You could use roach parts to make a tanky armor. Hummingbird parts could be used to make an armor that gives attack stamina, and could also be used for a bow. A scorpion stinger could be used for a tier four dagger. These are what I believe should be the next tiers. This post is less coherent and more rambly, as I just wrote what came to me. Let me know if these are what you think the next tiers should be!
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