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  1. Phillip Jose Farmer's series of books, Riverworld, had things 'refreshing' at midnight....developers take note.
  2. There's one at the Bird Bath as well, have not encountered it yet? Can you post a screenshot of it's position? Thanks!! I'll be looking for it now... I did manage to get a DIY crafted anchor to connect with the Lab Anchor on top of the Oak Hill garden fixture from above so it wasn't very useful to me yet, might work better as the top going down to a DIY anchor in front of the fixture.
  3. or build a Spinning Wheel, which cuts down on the actual amount of fiber need to weave crude rope...I also used stumps to generate fiber. Kinda a tweak to the survival aspect of the game...for the better. I'm back to scooping up the small resources that are everywhere on the ground and not using grass for plant fiber. Wish we could 'recycle' grass planks into plant fiber?!? I've also started to think about clearing entire paths from POI to POI in this way[stump grinding]...which would generate a lot of fiber and help with movement...
  4. Is it possible to connect to or from the 2 Lab Tech Zip line anchors? The 2 I've found, the over turned Paint Can and on top of the Oak Hill garden light fixture can't seem to be connected to from my DIY weed stem anchors? I can get to the Pain Can anchor but I didn't see any way to interact with it?? I'll go look again.
  5. I can confirm....a long, slow [A] press/hold with the Xbox controller allows for interaction with the Queue items, grabbing and canceling, Thanks!!
  6. Yep, I still see this bug as well with the fold-in with Release binary. Lucky for me, I'm running Steam PC and and Xbox controller, along with my system KB/M setup...the only thing that works is the Mouse interaction in that menu/dialog. This also happens in the Main Menu to 'Log-in' to Xbox Live...I have to bring up my Mouse to interact with the onscreen prompt for Cancel, no I'd like to play SP please... That's called, 'partial controller' support... The L Joystick works to scroll, the D-pad works to scroll, can even get into those Queues with the Joystick and D-pad; it's
  7. I'll try...but I regressed back into the Release Candidate binary...so I can't grab a screenshot at the moment. What I did not see was a Button Prompt at all[X] to finish the command, but did see the Hand icon and the bizarre 3 dots inside the actual Tile...? I thought perhaps the items weren't finished being crafted, but they end up in the lower queue when the bar finished and the Hand icon appears when I scroll over to them with the joystick. I did not attempt a DragNDrop to loot the item from the queue, however.
  8. I observed this as well. I had 3 dot-dot-dot icons animated in the iconTile...could not interact with the Tile, although the hand icon prompt did visualize.
  9. I have tried everything, ONCE--TWICE---THRICE....nothing brings spawning eggs. I believe that I kill enough 'wandering ants' to cause a respawn every single day, I see and meet them out there and I kill them, away from the Hill. The Hill never spawns new Workers who spawn eggs. I get the 1-3 that stand guard out front, seems they should be Soldiers?!? Let's just face it: Ants are not working...for everyone. And, what's up with folks who have 10,000 Soldiers in the Hill, on an EverSpawn project?? Ants are just broken at this time...Trello, 'sez' that an ant issue is
  10. We are listening, it just hasn't really worked for me or for some others, the countless times I've tried....I kill the Soldiers, I kill field Workers, I've filled food chamber, I've waited-nonsleeping[very few Soldiers respawn], I've slept[few more Soldiers in hill]--never eggs. Then you have the folks with endlessly spawning Soldiers...now. That kind of lag makes it nearly impossible to 'clear' the Hill.... It would seem, the Ant Life Cycle across platforms and Saves, is not consistent...
  11. Mites attack bases...I've had to repair some of their minor damage. What I've noticed is that: when you start to attack an NPC...and you're at a range, the aggro'd insect, if near a base construction or item, will attack that item as 'you'....cheezed a few ladybugs and spiders this way. Most all insects seem to behave like this, when under attack, at least it appears that way under observation.
  12. Me as well, my friend, me as well. At first my wife would come running into the office to see what had happened to me...Spiders, and their screaming....that's what. She got angry and said I was the, 'Boy who cried wolf' and when I needed help; she wouldn't come running...as she shut the door to the office, LOL. I wear a headset and didn't know I was yelping when I was attacked...and pushing my chair back from the screen. I have a hard time NOT doing that; glad I have a looooong headset cord!
  13. How about a quest type from BURG.L where you need to get to a specific location in The Backyard, in a specified time limit? Especially since once you do the Marker Quests, those quests are done forever/one shots. With timed runs, you can replay them--over and over. With pathing that takes the PC through guarded/patrolled areas making runs more challenging, ;)...
  14. ...constructions were always able to be destroyed on Steam PC version?? It's why I never fight inside my bases, except for Punching...and even that will damage structures, so every base has a Repair Tool in a Chest, ;).
  15. Yes, I am not seeing any Worker Ants bringing Food back to the Food Chamber in the Hill...they are simply amazed at Spoiled Meat! I've seen them pickup Honeydew...but not go back to the Hill to fill the food chamber. They love to chase and kill Weevils, they don't have the 'follow thru' of taking the loot back and feeding the 'eggs'/young.
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