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  1. I haven't seen an improvement in friend search. The friend I can generally find my friend's game, but she is typically unable to see mine. The work around we use is that we load a new game on hers first, quit, then we load the one on mine. She can sometimes see my game if we loaded hers first.
  2. I'll preface by saying I love the game so far, excited to see how it develops! I've been encountering the following bugs during my playthrough with my sister. I host and my sister plays as a guest on the save file. I emailed the save file to the support email address. Difficulty Mode: - Starting a new game it allowed us to select a difficulty mode and we selected "Woah" mode, but when "continuing" a save, it bumps us down to Medium, and doesn't allow us to select a difficulty. Unsure if the glitch is that we shouldn't have been allowed to start a new game in Woah mode in multiplaye
  3. When using a controller (using a standard X-box One controller), I'm unable to collect the woven silk or crude rope output from the spinning wheel. It appears that I can only collect it by using my mouse.
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