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  1. Decomposing walls would make me want to not build anything at all and just build a lean-to every now and then so I can reset the nighttime to daytime
  2. This could generate some problems with the blueprints you actually buy from BURGL
  3. The insects get stuck in walls, leaves, trees, grass. They also spawn in strange locations (inside cans or on top, on top of logs and sometimes even inside your own base!
  4. This problem can occur for two reasons: First and most likely, the insect you are attacking is not on the same platform as you are(i.e.: you're on a rock on which the insect you're trying to kill can't climb or get to), so it will try to "recalculate" a new path to get to you, until it actually goes out of range and out of combat and regens its HP. Second one could be this: The insect is bugged(glitched). Its pathing might be affected by the new updates with the Grass stumps and Walls collision. I personally encountered both scenarios. For the first scenario, just get down from wher
  5. Insects' life cycle All in all the idea is not too bad, although I prefer to believe that too many bugs are overwhelming, moreso for the new players jumping into the Backyard. Sure: on paper it sounds good, but imagine all those mobs in the game. You would have ladybugs in 4 forms, aswell as other insects too. The Spiderlings are already in the game so there's no need for it? I dont think the bugs should "evolve" but rather "respawn". "Relationships" Now. This idea is way better structured. I do think that those "relationships" between the bugs, you are talking about, would ac
  6. The only quest at the Bird Bath is the marker one am I right? If I am right then this means you only have to go there once, while you're at it don't forget to get the SCAB located there! Have fun parkouring
  7. BURG.L Mutations usually come with only one level, and it makes sense. A better solution for the bag space issues would be craftable pouches / bigger backpacks. However, once the items we have in our toolbar and armor equipped won't show in the backpack, I think we'll have way less bagspace issues.
  8. Use trail markers, lots of them. After a while you will get to know the map and be able to orientate just by looking at the oak tree and the house and at that point you can straight up remove trail markers and only leave the essential ones. However, a radar that detects enemies or heat would be a nice burgl RS reward.
  9. I actually think not having a way to grow back the grass is good. This way your decisions have more impact on the world :). If you could grow and destroy recources as you wish, then nobody would go out of their way to build their bases, because they would just grow the grass near their base's location and not have to worry about gathering recourses such as grass planks and weed stems around the world. Just my opinion tho. wouldn't grow grass even if I could tbh that's not immersive. ez = not satisfying (for me)
  10. Build underground and insects will eat you alive!
  11. We are defenetly just the process of performing a scientific procedure to determine something. (experimentation) Or maybe we have a higher purpose, who knows?
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