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  1. I went to the ant hill , made a lure trap and put spikes in front of it. Then shot gas arrows in the groups. Maxed out the mutation very fast.
  2. I have jerky rack. Never bothered to make any as 4 acorns keep hunger away for a day. I'll have to try it. As you mentioned, jerky comes later in the game. By that time players should have canteens, dew collectors and maybe water storage. No need to purify water or drink dirty water then eat. I'm just saying beginning players can eat food to offset the negative of drinking dirty water. Dirty water can be found everywhere. Acorn nuts can be found very early in game. Using this system means no need to purify the water (unless it gave a buff or fully filled thirst in 1 slurp)
  3. I did read the patch notes . I know the mentioned stuff like birds, mutations, new quests, footprints, cookies and water fleas. I found totem recipe for ant head on a stick. I don't believe I read about it. Anyone find anything?
  4. Yes please. Should not have to look online to find out what they do. Buff lungs vs cardio fan vs natural explorer.... kudos to anyone who just knew what the different effects were just by reading the vague wording. Ant-nihilator supposedly gives attack AND defense buff at max rank against ants. How does the description make this obvious ? The stories behind mutations is nice. Just add a line stating exactly what each does and by how much. I don't even know if mutation buffs stack with armor buffs like Aphid shoes, the feather hat or the leaf eyepatch.
  5. ?huh The same things you do during the day can be done at night. It's just harder to see. I guess it is meant to add a fear factor even though many bugs are sleeping. I adjusted my videos settings so it's no longer pitch black. I can see without using a torch unless in a cave. Maybe they'll add glow bugs or things you can only see/ be done at night. Maybe night vision or night sight mutation as well.
  6. Yup. This is really needed. You know what I do? Set a death respawn point and die after exploring in order to fast travel back. I have multiple stash boxes in multiple locations full of multiple sets of armor, weapons, food, crafting items and workbenches. Plus backpack loot marks my last location without building a marker. If anything let me build fast travel points using high tier materials and maybe able to set a maximum of 5. Let's be honest, using a pair of aphid shoes allows players to avoid all enemies and danger. So why make us run from Oak tree after receiving
  7. If there's food in storage or on the ground, ants will try to get at it. Or if you have a bug lure built. I've only seen angry spiders destroy base structures. Mites cannot. Not sure what other bugs can destroy base structures.
  8. Anyone that is familiar with survival games will have everything they need in under 4 hours of gameplay. Pick up everything you can. Make weapons, kill bugs, make canteen. All of that is in the starting area. Find a juice box and collect. Just before sunrise, much of the grass has dew drops of water. You on the forum, may as well use Google. Also, if you really having trouble, you can drink dirty water. It just makes you gain hunger. Fill up on dirty water, wait till the immediate hunger loss over time stops then eat food. Voila, both bars full. So technically you only need to
  9. Sure, if they implement rare meats. Right now, bugs are in abundance. Not hard to get the meat you want.
  10. Not sure if forum allows links to YouTube but if you Google search "grounded next updates" or "grounded koi armor" you should find a few that contain the shield. Apparently you don't block with it. It just reduces damage recieved from blocking.
  11. I mean, they haven't explained anything yet. My backyard does not have anthills sticking above the grass or juice boxes and cans everywhere. No lady bugs or beetles. It is full of slugs, worms (neither in game but usually in all backyards) and spiders. Just have to wait and see.
  12. Lots of issues when playing multiplayer. I played solo and had no problems beyond some items not respawning. I fell off map. Backpack respawned near the suitcase at the start point. Otherwise, I would not be able to retrieve items.
  13. Dirty water. Eat mushrooms, hotdogs or apples to remove hunger gained from drinking dirty water. Not seeing them rush a patch to fix this.
  14. It gets easier when you craft and wear armor. Start with acorn armor maybe. Then make lady bug armor. Weavers won't deal much damage but wolf's will still kill you quickly. When you get a spider bow or mint hammer, spiders are easier to deal with.
  15. Oh. It does have a marker for cutting. Maybe it's for items coming later in the updates. Maybe it's just to be seen.
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