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  1. Oh man thanks so much you guys! That's where I was going wrong, I was labouring under the impression that I needed 3 of the same type of mote! Thanks a lot!
  2. So I am loving this so far and I am trying really hard to reconcile the two parts of Naxiva ix Kirent but I am not sure it is actually possible. I have done so many different combinations of motes and dialogue choices. So I want to know. Has anybody here managed to reconcile her or am I just chasing a dream here and I should just get the fight over with and move on to the next part of the story.
  3. So I have played through the game to completion twice now and I can't find a way to get onto Splintered Reef? There is never any anchor spot and it's really bugging me. I've looked through google and I can't find out how to actually get to the island? Anybody got advice for me?
  4. After having completed the Lighted Path and having saved the kid I went about doing other stuff for a few hours and then quit the game for the day. When I came back the following day the ship with the Lighted Path on it was back so I went over to it again and the whole crew and the kid were all dead. I figure the boat shouldn't have come back after I cleared it the first time.
  5. So in the backer beta there was an issue with the Plucked Fruit quest on Tikawara where you couldn't resolve the quest without taking the dried fruit from it's hiding place and giving it back to Mukumu despite telling Pekeho that you would keep his secret. Unfortuanely this still seems to be an issue in the full release.
  6. I am having the same problem. I think I did the quest out of order maybe and now nobody is showing up at the door. I hope it gets patched and I don't have to start the game over again so I can complete the quest.
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