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  1. I'm experiencing a repeat conversation between Aloth/Iselmyr and Eder every time we rest..the one where she talks to Eder and tries to get him to kiss Aloth as a prank. Every time we rest, no matter where it is, this conversation gets triggered. I don't know what is making it repeat upon every rest. I believe when it first happened was at the Engwithian ruins with the giant construct and the missing Vailian expedition party. (I forget the name) This has been going on, even after a reload. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
  2. O.R.C. Bugs. I have abandoned my 176 hour playthrough because there's no way to stop the O.R.C. creatures entirely - unless it's a bug?
  3. Like no one has ever said that before lol. Anyways both myself and a few of my friends were playing around and It got me to think about a few ideas that could work their way in without heavily conflicting with too much of the mainline story progression and/or progression about getting bug resources and stuff, that being said here are a few ideas that I'm just kind of spitballing at the moment: 1. Grass Hopper Mutation - as I'm moving around in the game I find myself jumping a lot outside of most base-building elements, and that got me thinking about mutations and how if you do certain actions you would level up said mutation, so I thought why not turn jumping into something better then what it already is! for starters, it could line up perfectly with how most other games portray smaller characters or creatures to have an increased jump based on their size so the logistics of it could be covered up in-game by going with the logic that "you still might be small but you're still human!" or something like that. As for the mutation itself, the attributes would be increased jump height (but not too high as it could lead to falling damage) and more acrobatic/faster movement while in the air. I say this for both ground and air enemies being that you just want a quick way to dodge out the way from an orb weaver fast instead of just blocking or say you want to get extra hits in with a mosquito but you don't wanna wait till they get closer or hit them with your bow. 2. Grass Hoppers? - This one is kind of out there since I believe it would be way too much work to put these guys in since they hop a bunch but who knows? If they were added in they would have all the standard stuff that you would want from them (i.e. them being stuffed, armor, etc.) The one main thing I could see them being used for would be their legs to be used for a spiked club (but you guys already have a bunch of those to begin with lol). Finally, I have a really good idea for a new pet, and some people will either love it or hate it but if this could be the only idea I could share this would be it, regardless drum roll!! 3. jumping spiders!! - I know crazy right? "wow, another spider to add to the mix.. yay.." people must be saying right now which I get.. BUT!! when you think about it, it starts to kind of make sense. First off, they're tiny enough that you could keep them as a pet and have them in your home with them just chilling out in there. Second, there fluffy and adorable compared to most of the other spiders and wouldn't be used for combat in any way (like how you can have mom genes and have Spiderlings or have the Widowlings with the Widowlings charm) plus we don't have any nice spider representation! I mean of course, we're tiny, but that doesn't mean all spiders have to be jerks to us!!! Third, most in real-life jumping spiders are really not a threat to us humans, most of the time they really are scared of us! That being said they are very curious arachnids in that some have described them as tiny 8-legged cats that just chill out and just do what they want (plus you could give them a little cat bed for them to rest on while inside and all), not only that but yes people do have them as pets in real life too so that's always fun to know it could be a direct comparison, plus they're known to do funny little dances when they mate so that hilarious. Finally, I believe a way to just ease them in is by having tiny silk sack dens scattered around the yard as a way to not spook out new players/players with arachnophobia by having them run around like how aphids do. now just like how there would be boss meals, you would need something like that to summon them, there would be ten or so sacks around the map all with their own different recipes (e.g. oak tree, sandbox, the shed, etc.). I say more than just one because you might be playing with friends and everyone might want one so there ya go, plus not to mention they would have variants! That being they might be more red or yellow with strips like a bee or blue (all depends on where you have their silk sack location to represent that area of the game) but just like with different SCA.B UI that you find, the moment you find a new one, it unlocks the ability to change their look, by feeding them the different meals that you used to summon the other types!! If that makes sense regardless these are just a few ideas that I came up with and I hope someone sees this and maybe they might be picked up who knows, but I am glad I could be able to share these ideas here! ^w^ P.S. I attached a cute jumping spider image for everyone to enjoy! :3
  4. First I just want to say I love this game. Didn’t know about it until it released but fell in love with it ever sense. I want this game to be the best it can so I’m going to try and give some decent feedback from a casual ideal prospective. Cozy meter: The idea is awesome and work’s wonderfully, until 4 going to 5. The idea of your base progressing as you progress is great, but then that idea breaks when trying to progress to 5. It feels like you have to clutter the base with a lot in such a small area just to get the final things. People usually expand their bases outwards but having it stay in a 6x6 feels very restrictive. I think the best way is to have the area expand by a bit with every cozy level. Then it doesn’t feel like you have to clutter one room to get the buildables and perks. The Bow: Having an updating that expands on the bow class is awesome, but it just misses the shot for me. The bow doesn’t feel very significant from others in its class for it being a boss weapon. The apex perk feels very underpowered considering what the other weapons got, a wasp that does one attack and dies. Let alone you can accidentally kill it. I feel like having the summoner class mixed with archery is good especially in single player, but the wasp just doesn’t do a lot. I feel like it can be more powerful sense you need the boss weapon and a mutation from a separate boss. The Armor: The armor is good, but it’s hard to find the indication to tell if your fully charged or not. This set being a combo heavy. Just a little meter or something on the screen would help a lot with this. Other than that it feels normal in other senses. Concluding thoughts: The update is great with mutations and just adding more to the game itself. The only thing I hope they add is taking friendly fire off of custom only. The amount of times I have accidentally murdered my party with the Mask of the Mother Demon is insane XD. But overall I’m glad this game is getting love by the devs and has a great community. Thank you for your time.
  5. 1. No achievements are unlocking for steam (yes I did test this with photo mode achievement) 2. No sound when every I get a dream ??? when I wake up sound is back. 3. Hard lock as a offline user even doe I have a Xbox account does given me a option to login. Thanks in advance for any fix or suggtion
  6. Now personally i love all the new content added with the release of the full game however i hope i'm not alone in noticing what feels like some gaps when it comes to some structure and gear based content. Like the new ash building bits for example, very smooth and unique with its nice modern-esq appearance (being that its like concrete), however it leaves a gap since while there's more or less a related tier of floor and roof structure for each kind of walling it feels like that stops with ash which while isn't bad with the burr floors it doesn't really match the clover or feather roofing. My first thought for this is Pinecone shingles since that matches the ash both in resource tier as well as aesthetically. However while thinking on it i also realized there isn't many options for stairs and doors since in terms of doors there isn't anything beyond palisade gates and the normal doors and stairs stop at straight grass and spiraling acorn ones, but with all the new resources there's plenty of things to build with that would be not only fitting but also generally pretty rad. Like a drawbridge made from pinecones pulled up and let down by spider silk or a portcullis made from splinters held together with chewing gum or lint rope for unique entry ways that would match the vibe of the mushroom brick (and ash depending on how you use it)while feeling akin to later game versions of the palisade wall and gates; or a somewhat curved staircase made from bur or pinecone. And for gear: the Mantis got a full set of armor + a weapon yet the Broodmother remains having just a helmet paired with their weapon, not a huge deal but i still think if there's a set for one there should be for both. With the staffs there's Sour, Spicy and Fresh but no Salty staff which feels disappointing since the current three are super cool and fun to use. There's a tier two bow and crossbow but only a tier 3 crossbow, while i can understand why i do still think having a faster but less damaging tier 3 bow option would be nice, could be made from black widow parts and lint and have a venom crit or something. I also am mildly disappointed there isn't some kind of flail amongst the tier 3 weapons and that neither of the tier 3 shields look like a tower/war door, heater, kite shield or really anything other than a round shield(ladybird one is essentially a round shield with indents so i feel that while the aspis type design is cool, doesn't quite count as not a round shield). I also still firmly believe a grappling hook or something would be awesome. Aside from that there isn't much else i can think of other than maybe add more traps/defensive structures? Would love to hear other ideas though.
  7. Hey there so day one player. Even with an enormous fortress and traps there is just too much bugs everywhere. As a single player I can’t defend C and a at the same time especially when an horde of flying bugs comes. The mission is overturned and seems to be balanced around a 4 player basis. I tried turrets traps and all but I can’t be everywhere at the same time
  8. I would like to suggest that the location of the Cold Blooded Burg.L chip be changed. The riddle given in the Cold Blooded Chipsleuth quest mentions that not only is it being observed by reptilian eyes (the Rash action figure) but that it is also immersed in sticky red liquid. The action figure is not only not really pointed towards the paint can where you find the chip, but it is also quite far away from it. As for the final location the riddle makes it seem as though it is actually sitting inside the paint can or inside of some other red liquid (like a juice box or soda can) whenever in reality it is just plopped onto the ground next to the paint can. A simple fix for this would be to just place spilled paint around the paint can where the chip is found. Maybe even trap the chip inside some dried paint similar to the large sap chunks that you can break with a hammer. Anyways long post I know I was just a little disappointed whenever I finally tracked down this chip. TLDR: Put the Cold Blooded Burg.L chip in some paint around the paint can to match the quest riddle. Edit: Not sure how to delete this but it turns out that there is supposed to be paint around the paint can that the chip is actually sitting in. This did not appear for me and the chip was just in the dirt. I need to delete this post and just submit a bug report of the paint not properly appearing.
  9. I finished The City and the Stars and I reset my board reputation, but Byzantium residents are still hostile to me despite have a 0% neutral rating and I can’t complete the Byz quests as the game was designed to allow me to do. help?
  10. Anyone cut this thing down yet? I tried pebble axe and insect axe. Mint hammer is 3rd tier... Anyone found 3rd tier axe?
  11. Check out this video, it shows off tons of up new bugs (insects) and items. *Please keep in mind that many of these things are still in development and under consideration. Nothing official as of yet.
  12. Playing through the endless paths on PS4, I've got to level 5 and the secret room isn't opening. Gone through the entire floor in stealth, with all the characters available, and the door switch is not showing up. Played beyond there, and leveled the team a few more times, and still nothing. Any suggestions?
  13. I purchased the physical copy of outer world's for my ps4 and played without updating to any patches till I found I couldn't access any of my saves after going on the mission to meet Elli's parents and skipping the hope. After trying to load a save, my game would "freeze" on the title screen with no available options, music still running and never go to an actual loading screen. I have tried skipping Elli's quest, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, moving my save files to usb storage and all of my "inaccessible" saves are all around 9 mb. I saw there were some people on the forum with similar sounding problems, so yesterday I finally updated the game to the most recent patch (1.3?) and now receive the error code e-b51d0002 when trying to access the files, instead of the "glitch" where the game would crash. I have started a new game to see if there is any hope, but it does suck losing so many invested hours and worrying about encountering this problem ahead.
  14. While trying to complete the quest line mentioned in the topic I have encountered a glitch. Once I have completed talking with Dr. Chartrand and convinced her to join me the Corporate Commander only gives me two options (1. It's less work than hauling my corpse out of here?) And (2 Attack). Both options lead to a shoot out, which wouldn't be a big deal except that Dr. Chartrand attacks me as well which is weird since we just became allies. I have searched other message boards and found this is a common glitch I do not receive a third option to persuade the Corporate Commander to take a bribe even though my persuasion is over 100.
  15. [Story spoilers] I’m on Tartarus and about to walk into a room with Chairman Rockwell standing in it with cameras around him, but every time I try to walk through the doorway, the game crashes. I assume there’s supposed to be a cut scene? Will try changing my loadout or seeing if I can Aggro the room before entering, but so far it’s crashed 4 times in a row and it’s getting annoying. Update: Firing into the room causes the shroud to fail and a fight to ensue, but at least with no crash, though I would rather not kill Rockwell (at least yet) Update 2: Tried Changing guns and running around to bring down my shroud, then walk through, but the game crashes all the same. Guess my only way to continue is to put ol’ Rocky down...
  16. I tried to broker peace between the Iconoclasts and MSI, but Zora turned me down because I didn't earn her trust on previous quests. My only alternative was to give the Targeting Module to Sanjar. I wasn't about to give it to that zealot, Graham. Now all of the Iconoclasts are dead by my hand, including Zora. No rational person would have made the choice she did. Moderator: Please feel free to reword the title or change the tags as needed.
  17. Game constantly crashes at first elevator descent at Tartarus. I tried this three times and the game crashed at all three times at the same spot. P.S. Love this game!
  18. Every time I enter the room with Chairman Rockwell on the final mission on Tartarus, my game crashes to the Xbox dashboard
  19. During the final mission just as I'm about to walk into the cutscene with the chairman the game crashes I've tryed multiple times and it keeps happening, I believe there could be verious reasons for this 1.i was disguised at the time and when I killed everyone in the area I could then proceed with the Misson although I missed out in the cutscene. 2. At the end sene were you told what happened to the world pavarti was dead however I don't know why as I was playing normal difficulty and your companions can't die.?.
  20. entering through the door to chairmen Rockwell causes the game to crash. i've tried 3 times walkng into the room. i don't want to have kill Rockwell and the accompanying guards to progress with the story.
  21. Hello! I hope this is is an appropriate place to bring this up - it's not a bug per se, but possibly an oversight. Basically, I'm at the point of the story where the Watcher has figured out they can track Eothas using the adra pillars. The main quest objective is to speak to the Queen in Neketaka. The Watcher still doesn't know why Eothas is gathering up all this energy from the pillars; it's still unknown what his ultimate goal is. Unfortunately for me, I'm one of those players who spends hours and hours doing everything but the main quest in a game like this. Among the quests I was able to more or less complete, was Xoti's The Lantern of Gaun, and once that is concluded (for the moment), both parts of the quest dialogue itself and the quest log seems to spoil for me what Eothas' plans are. I've attached a screenshot of said log, where it says clearly what Eothas intends to do. It's improbable that I've missed this piece of information before this stage of the main quest (and the Watcher normally acts as if they still don't know what Eothas is really up to). Either way, I felt a bit cheated after this quest.
  22. Just finished Deadfire for the second time now. Thinking of making an evil character solo PoTD now... am I crazy for the game? How many times have you played? What are your thoughts on what happens in Eora after everything and the future of PoE as a game now on Microsoft?
  23. There were several hidden skill checks in the last part of the DLC (or the sound of "Skill check failed"; the Pool of Memories) and after defeating the Porokoa is was possible to tell Engari that the Faces were incarnations of one Watcher (with "Honest" disposition). I could not confirm or disprove it in my playthroughs, because I was not able to pass the above-mentioned skill checks. Is this information correct? And, if it is, why do the Faces go on a murder rampage, when freed (with or without host)? I apologize in advance, if the topic was started too early (10 days after the release of the DLC).
  24. I was completing the Waidwen part of the quest and in the end I told Waidwen to help me when I confront Eothas. If I understand correctly this means I am taking Waidwen's soul from the realm of BOW and returning him to Eora with me. As I expected, when I got out of "The bridge ablaze" area the warrior with frozen armor told me that Rymrgand might not like that the watcher is taking souls from his realm. Surprisingly, when I talked to Rymrgand before the BOW final fight and after the fight, there was no mention of Waidwen. I was really surprised with this kind indifference since Rymrgand is very strict about properties not leaving his realm. Am I missing something here? What happens in other dialogue options? Does Waidwen get mentioned in any part of the dialogues if you kidnap him?
  25. So I am loving this so far and I am trying really hard to reconcile the two parts of Naxiva ix Kirent but I am not sure it is actually possible. I have done so many different combinations of motes and dialogue choices. So I want to know. Has anybody here managed to reconcile her or am I just chasing a dream here and I should just get the fight over with and move on to the next part of the story.
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