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  1. I had a hard time finding Perks that I felt were useful even with only one flaw. Perhaps more of them will be needed on higher difficulty.
  2. After mowing down every enemy in the game (on normal difficulty), I'm a bit disappointed that Obsidian chose to make the end boss (RAM, when siding with Phineas) ridiculously OP. It's fine to make bosses difficult - that's why they're bosses, but RAM has 16 times the health of other end game enemies and special abilities that make defeating him tedious rather than fun. Edit: After a respec, some equipment mods, and a careful selection of companion behaviors and gear, RAM is a pushover.
  3. The mind control ray is pretty useful. I agree many of them are underwhelming even with a high science skill.
  4. IMHO, Faults are not worth the extra Perks. It just adds busy work to the game keeping the faults under control.
  5. I tried to broker peace between the Iconoclasts and MSI, but Zora turned me down because I didn't earn her trust on previous quests. My only alternative was to give the Targeting Module to Sanjar. I wasn't about to give it to that zealot, Graham. Now all of the Iconoclasts are dead by my hand, including Zora. No rational person would have made the choice she did. Moderator: Please feel free to reword the title or change the tags as needed.
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