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  1. I won't buy PoE 2 if I can't find a way to restore the original title screen either edit: also i am un-recommending it in steam
  2. Sorry for the attitude yesterday. I saw a video of a level 2 cipher soloing the bear cave on this difficulty and at that point I started to believe they were Obsidian's pet class or something. Plus the angle is that they can manipulate other people's souls which is I just don't agree with. Anyway I finished 90% of the dungeon with all level 2s and 3s I had to resort to saving before every encounter and trading around my characters' equipment which I suspect I'll have to do more of and is incredibly tedious - but the complexities of DR is one of the unique qualities of the game I can apprec
  3. ciphers are cancer

  4. I need help getting through Path of the Damned Temple of Eothas. I have two priests, a fighter, a mage, and a paladin and a barbarian and the 'shadows' and 'shades' on the lower level are freaking untouchable. I am left with the impression that you are required to have a cipher to succeed on this difficulty, which is disgusting and is making me instantly hate this game. What else could I do if I don't want to gross myself out with ciphers? Their abilities seem blatantly OP to other classes and they are presented as these pretentious special-snowflake characters. I hadn't actually beaten th
  5. I like priests because they can be courageous and inspiring I hate ciphers because they are pretentious OP snowflakes that no one had ever heard of before, and because it's almost impossible to get through certain areas of the game without one in PotD
  6. It almost feels like my install was defective. Is everyone else only seeing 5 different head/face options for human males? I feel the need for increased customization but all I can find is portrait packs and ofc once you build your character and start the game you can't change the model's actual face.. But yeah does anyone have more than the 5 by any chance?
  7. I have a big problem, and I think I know how to solve it but I have too much anxiety to follow through without inquiring here first about potential disappointments. Last weekend I bought this game from Fry's Electronics because I wanted to feel special owning the physical game box even though there's nothing in it except the DVD and a single document which I presume are only for installation purposes. I come home, pop in the disk drive of my Dell XPS L521X and... nothing. I then spend several hours trying to properly re-calibrate and eventually reinstall the 'MAT****A DVDRWBD UJ167' device
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