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  1. So, my current save (level 5-6 at Copperlane district) takes 47 seconds to load and the new one in the starting camp takes 21 seconds. Still slow, but not THAT slow, but maybe because it's just the very start of the game.
  2. I'll try to start a new game, maybe it's because current one has been started before 3.02 though I'm not happy to drop the current one. But maybe it'll help.
  3. I've returned to the game and wanted to play through WM2. I discovered that my loads are loading very very very, very slow. My save is a new one, it's a new game started after installing WM2 (but before 3.02). I have a good enough machine, Asus ROG though without SSDs but still, it used to be fine (played PoE before). Now... I'm completely upset. I WANT to play the game. But I just CAN'T. Each game load takes like half a minute. It makes me cry. I deleted all my previous saves except the current one. I reinstalled the game from scratch. I honestly don't know what to do and how to play it.
  4. Steam (beta) downloads 2.6 Gb of updates, what's inside? UPD: 3.02.997, still interested in what's changed...
  5. GoG'ers: they steamers are elitists. How rude! Steamers: we are cannon fodder. How rude!
  6. I don't think they have a great profit. Passable maybe. 4 millions is nothing when we're talking about AAA game development, with cool voiceover, animation et cetera. And sales are not that great. So, yeah, there is some profit but not "JOSH, YOU CAN NOW BUY AN ISLAND!" kind of magnitude. I think you're overestimating the resources of the company. All that programming stuff is an expensive business, not to mention graphics, audio and old plain game design.
  7. See, you're another one, I didn't say an MMO just multi-player co-op and you got that. So why don't you want it? I don't understand, its optional to you. Is it just to make other people unhappy or something because you'll enjoy it more if others can't play with friends because you can't or something? I have nothing against you in particular and have no intent to make somebody unhappy. But, well, it's a single-player game. I've seen the one and only successfull attempt to do a coop in RPG, and I mean not action rpg like Diablo-clone but a real one. It's called D:OS. And it has been re
  8. feel free to play it. We're playing BG2 which is still horribly broken in multiple places. And we're having fun. PoE is in good enough shape to have fun.
  9. You're awesome, guys (not really, just decent ones) but, please, do not add multiplayer. Well, just kidding, do whatever you want (except PoE MMO)
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