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  1. Does triggering the second part 'Dirty Laundry' quest inadvertently overwrite the flag for the 'A Sorcerer and a Gentleman' quest? Because the journal is prompting me to question her, and she clearly isn't where the quest journal says she is supposed to be.
  2. Thanks. I am currently accessing the beta via Steam, and only enabled the Beta Build this morning. It does not appear to be registering a build beyond the one I am currently using. Was it pushed so recently that the application cannot see it yet, or will I need to start an entirely new character to notice the fix? For this particular instance, I decided to rely on the search feature at the top of the forum, which did not bring up a viable match under the quest name or the city name. Is there a secondary bug tracker I should be checking for duplicate submissions? Or do you expect me to
  3. Downloaded the 2.0 beta today, started fresh with a new character, and ran into a situation that I cannot immediately resolve. Savegame, log, and screenshot are available here for the next 10 days. http://mbf.me/JQTZMy If I approach the mill in Gilded Vale, the scripted event plays out until this point, and then the Continue button ceases to advance the event. The button can be pressed, the music continues to play, but the game will not advance.
  4. This is a fun one. On two separate occasions, I've managed to enter a state where combat ends -- my Takedown ability resets to 1 use, but the ability remains greyed out with the warning text that it has already been triggered. Here is what I believe is happening, though I haven't been able to reproduce the scenario a third time to prove it. I believe that this is being caused by my ordering the companion to perform the attack, and then by having that attack be interrupted by a creature who is using a mental domination ability. At some point in between my losing control of the companion and
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