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  1. Yepp, the bug is well-known for many versions, the cause is known - the only thing unknown is if the proper fix will ever appear. For instance, I don't have that old save anymore - so I've got either trash hours of gameplay and start from scratch or to wait for fix which might never come. Third option is to trash PoE of course. I really wish Obsidian followed example of InXile's Wasteland 2 - first cut all the features you can't make stable, release the game people can play and only afterwards start working on expansions like their recent "Director's Cut". Making half-baked prototype, call
  2. The ancient bug with "Old Watcher" quest which was reported here multiple times is still broken: Maerwald is dead but no choice is offered by Steward regarding what to do with him. Hence, next quest "Never Far from the Queen" is not started. This is 100% game-breaking and deserves retro-fix. http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g3cb533b090df47a9999729522f36347776539e647 This is save next to Steward: talk to him to see that no choice regarding Maerwald is offered. Check the quest log to see that "Old Watcher" is grayed out but no next main quest is available. And please, do so b
  3. I'm pretty sure it should exist somewhere and I just can't find it. Where can I see which version of PoE is the latest? Which one is latest for GNU/Linux? What about changelog - what was fixed and what wasn't? Kinda curious if I could try to play it again or if it's still horribly broken.
  4. http://www.fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g620c95c1dac171b4999702189256222ba0a80634a - here is the logs and save again. Please note that it'll expire in 28 days. I really think that allowing direct file upload to forum with, say, 1Mb limit will not destroy your IT support budget but will make everyone's life easier. Let alone having proper bug tracker like every other software out there does.
  5. Any chance for retrofix? Even if this gamebreaking bug is fixed in latest patch, the already broken saves are still broken beyond repair.
  6. Could be steam indeed - starting without wrapper and steam worked fine for me on latest ubuntu. Still unplayable due to game-breaking bugs unfixed but that's a different story.
  7. Would be nice to get at least nod from devs before links at sendspace expire.
  8. One more thing - the attached save is way further down the line so I don't know if the moment of quest is still bugged (it certainly was in 1.04). Anyway, I think complete breakage of the main questline deserves retrofix.
  9. https://www.sendspace.com/file/u1frlz - here it is, the save game. https://www.sendspace.com/file/zc125t - just in case, log file. I guess fixing forum bugs is out of question as well. Just in case - I'm using GNU/Linux version from gog.
  10. This was reported before but people either went silent or claim it's fixed already. It's not: 'Old Watcher' is finished and next quest is not started. Period. Complete game breakage.
  11. As much as I appreciate you effort towards expanding features I'd have to say "No, thanks" - I would rather have an unexpanded game with less features which I could actually play than a constant flow of expansions and new features piled under mountain of bugs.
  12. Is 1.06 already released? There's nothing on the blogs page. Where is it normally announced?
  13. So right now even if you've used quicksave right before Maerwald fight the dialogue will appear afterwrds? In which version did they fixed it?
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