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  1. On the one hand, putting Adelaide is what I wanted to do, and I like that you can't totally smooth things over between her and Reed. On the other hand, just leaving him to wander into the woods to die like a sick cat, while apropos, feels like a bit of an oversight. It'd be one thing to choose to do it, because he was really running that whole settlement straight into the ground, but I have a ship now, right? Would've been great if you could bring him aboard. He wouldn't have to say much, he could just hang out in a corner or something. But you could drop him off on Groundbreaker or (god forbid) Monarch or something. It's a minor thing, it barely matters, and I realize it's not really a high priority with everything else that got cut. But I always liked those little aftermath details. Captain Kirrahe down in the drop bay and all that.
  2. So I'm doing his main quest to retrieve his data from the outlaws. I betrayed Cassandra after agreeing to help her but shot her in the back. Also got Porter to leave peacefully. I'm trying to either turn in the data to Anton or keep it, however as I'm roleplaying as a total d-bag, I want to convince Anton to kill himself. However I don't get the persuade options that other players seem to get, despite my persuade skill being 50+. And I keep reloading to different points trying to remedy this, and I either gain certain dialogue options but lose others? Like I can't seem to tell him about the " Black marks and paperwork " in response to Jameson's death in one save, but in another I can. Like wth is happening? My stats are high enough and I've been a jerk to him the entire time, what's going on?
  3. Managed to convince Anton Crane of the error of his ways. I'd heard he could potentially kill himself out of guilt, but I ran into him purely by chance in the Lost Hope, where he said he'd left Roseway with Cassandra and sold the research and was going to do something else with his life. ...Except much later that same playthrough, I went back to Roseway looking for marauder armour, went back into the comms room just to see if I'd forgotten anything, and found his body on the floor. So unless Lilya Hagen is onto something, that's, um, probably not right.
  4. Every time Nyoka appears on the screen for any length of time, my game crashes. Simple as that. I have no clue how the hell to fix it, and I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem.
  5. Just a suggestion, can we please have an option to press a button and advance the npc text quicker. I read far quicker than the text advances. This is available on every other game of this type. As much as I enjoy the game, this is killing it for me !
  6. Bug : Minor When the main character ask this question to Fleet Master Okaya at Sayuka, her answers are looped and not arrange properly. The question is "Why are you here in particular?"
  7. Go to Fort Dunnage. Enter the King's Coffin and talk with NPC Elias Zelen. He will tell you about his story. The options provided for a player is 1) respond something and 2) [Listen]. If you just choose [Listen], you will notice that his story jumps here and there. Some of dialogue that should be there is skipped. This kind of work is sloppy. If you just do not want a player to click on "unfinished" option, please just make sure that only one option available. There is no need to put more option if you do not work on it properly.
  8. Disclaimer: No spoilers. Close to finishing the game for the 2nd time, and first time actually taking her with me. In my opinion, this really is the best written character I've had the pleasure of experiencing in pretty much any RPG. I've played Baldur's Gate (1 + 2), Neverwinter Nights, Planescape Torment, etc, but this character... just wow. On my first playthrough (around release), I played a Cipher, so I thought "hmm she seems interesting, but I'm have a Cipher and having 2 would be silly". But now after 3.01 patch, and buying both White March DLCs, I re-started with a Monk, and decided to take her along with me. Loving every second of it. I urge anyone that never gave her a chance (because of stats, class, or any other reason) to grab her ASAP. My experience with her was so intense, I just had to go somewhere and express my appreciation. Thank you. Kudos to who ever is responsible for the script of that incredible character. One of my best gaming experiences ever
  9. Is there a reason to defeat Nemnok from the RP perspective for a not-too-aggressive PC? The settlers seem to like the arrangement, as do the people (including the flame naga) working for him. If Nemnok wasn't the strongest non-dragon boss in PoEII and one of Junvik villagers wasn't unhappy with his son's occupation, would you attack him? Also, I took Nemnok the Petite to visit Arkemyr. No reaction from either of them.
  10. Mokeha appears to not be anywhere in Satahuzi. Not in her lodge, not in the chieftain's lodge, nowhere in the general area. I could find her just fine before the latest beta patch.
  11. Bug: NPC "Weto" in location "Sayuka" replies with the text *missing string 66*. Repro: 1. Go to the town of Sayuko. 2. Participate in the conversation event between "Weto" and "Tipa" in front of the "Huana Longhouse". 3. Listen to both sides, exhaust options, eventually support Tipa. Minor Huana rep gained by choice. 4. Talk to Weto again after conversation resolved. 5. Observe that *missing string 66* displays in chat as well as above "Weto", however audio plays as intended, DxDiag.txt
  12. Greetz everyone, I read a German review saying that some of the new companions in Deadfire are rather shallow, with the notable exception of Xoti. But Tekehu was called "annoying", for example. I cannot play the game myself at the moment due to strict time constraints. But I would like to know this. In your opinion, are some of the new companions in Deadfire shallow and if so which ones? I hope you can diminish my worries! If you want to go into detail about a companion for explaining your opinion: Mild spoilers are okay. Please put heavier spoilers into spoiler tags though. Thanks, Fluffle. PS: Generally I'm interested in all new companions about this topic. But I'm especially interested in Tekehu. Also everything is relative of course. So comparisons to Baldur's Gate 2 or Dragon Age and Mass Effect games (minus Andromeda) would be appreciated.
  13. Geyda asks me to help her with her research, and I decided to pay her for hiring mercs to catch as many monsters as she need. After 4 days she returns to my stronghold and wait for audience, but doesn't appear in the hall, so I can't speak to her. Probably it's a case with another audiences like this.
  14. Greetings community! I've been playing Pillars on and off since release. I know, it's been quite some time now and I'm still on my first playthrough! My party is level 10 and I've gotten to the Pit, though I have not gone in. I also did some of the White March quests but I've hit a level wall there. Anyways, my current part is as follows. Charmain (Wizard) Eder Sagini Kana Grieving Mother Aloth I've done all the NPCs quests, I think up to this point. I was pretty set on this party going until the end, but one thing I always wanted was a priest. I don't use walkthroughs or anything so I just now bumped into Durance doing a bounty. Now I'm in dilemma. Priests can heal and have other valuable defensive powers. I feel this is lacking in my group and this is why I'm unable to progress in certain areas, but I'm not sure. I've read around and some people say a priest is invaluable and a must-have and others say priests are unnecessary in this game. So my question to the community is this. Should I take Durance? Would a priest really help this group out? If so, who should I leave at the keep when I take him?
  15. I'd like to write about NPC reactions to the player characters actions (especially stealing or aggressive actions), and how in a lot of even really good games the dynamics of this have been disappointing to me. And give some suggestions and hear other peoples thoughts. First, I often find it frustrating and amateurish when all NPC's of a certain faction immediately attack you when you do something too aggressive. Even in amazing games like BG2 this happens; to me it seems in some degree laziness on the part of developers. Or lack of time to implement something more interesting. For example, this is bad design to me: when you fail a pickpocket check against an overweight, old merchant NPC in a large town, and he turns red and immediately attacks your party of amazingly well-armed adventurers in full plate mail. He just suicides. His friends suicide too! And all the women and children in the room run at you to impale themselves on your spears as well. All unarmed and wearing colorful shirts. A little better would be the merchant shouting... "help, guards! thieves!" and then you have to run away before the guards arrive. If the guards catch up to you (i.e. get close enough) then they say "come with us, you are under arrest!" and then you have to decide... kill the guards and really have that whole faction hate you, or agree to be arrested and be transported before some official. Where you must pay a fine, or be imprisoned for a day, or who knows what interesting situations might arise. It could all be done with cut-scenes and a generic small "courtroom" that is used for this purpose no matter where in the game world you are (other than wilderness areas of course). Stealing could affect your reputation generally with that town/faction, and specifically that merchant might not ever sell to you again. Perhaps even better would be: If you fail to steal or pickpocket, or do something too extreme in general... you don't always get caught immediately. First, maybe usually (if pickpocketing, say) you just don't get the item and can't try again for some time. But to avoid the "reload game" response to failures in pickpocketing, stealing, or any other aggression... you could find that even after you successfully pull something off, maybe three days later suddenly guards accost you the next time you enter that area, "you are under arrest, we have 3 witnesses who saw you steal from that merchant!" Then you have to decide what to do and how to handle it. If you want to reload you really can't do so easily, because too much game time has gone by, so now you have to deal with the consequences. The same could occur if you publicly kill some innocent NPC. Rather than guards coming to get you immediately, or the entire town turning red and attacking you, maybe 3 days later you find yourself in trouble with the town guard; the forces of lord so-and-so whose merchant you just killed. Ten well armed guards say "come with us now!". Reload would not work so well there, you have to deal with the consequences. If you steal from someone in the wilderness or far away from a city, they should only attack you as a last resort, and only if they think they can beat you (and have a chance). Otherwise they should run away, or stop talking to you after accusing you, etc. I know all this is extra work but it might make stealing, pickpocketing and other "aggressions" actually work. In BG2 for example, pickpocketing was a joke, if you succeeded it was free loot, if you failed, you just reloaded and tried again, because the consequences were so severe and immediate, and not nuanced at all. Also, unrelated to stealing... I would love to see only armed guards or competent people rush to attack you, no matter what you do to some other NPC. The way a lot of games work it would be like, six guys walk into a bar with swords and kill someone, and then everyone who is unarmed at the bar just instantly and collectively decides to rush the swords rather than run for the exits. Most people run for the exits unless they are well armed and well trained, id like to see most NPCs and even some creatures (xaurips working in a mine, for example) behave this way too. It would make killing more realistic and would also mean a lot less meaningless slaughtering of weak NPCs.
  16. I was playing PoE today in Path of the Damned mode with Trial of Iron and I am in Defiance Bay in the Goose and Fox inn, I was doing the quest for trading illegal herbs, so the Doemenel gang entered and I chose to defend the Gareth (NPC), during the combat I use some AOE spells and Gareth got hit and Doemenel Wizard did the finishing blow but all the sudden all the NPC got mad with me and turn red. Since I am in Trial of iron mode I cannot load the game, but I was able to sneak out of the bar to avoid further conflict, now my question is if those NPC will turn green after some time or reset if I advance to another ACT through the game? Thanks in advance for any good reply about my current issue.
  17. Hey guys, so, I am really stoked to play POE2. I love POE 1 and everything in it and I am glad that I can help crowdfunding a sequel. Even with the decision to play with a party of 5 instead of 6 I am on board with now (was against it when I first read the announcement but I decided to trust Obsidian that it will be a better experience). So up until now there were only amazing bits and bytes to read about the sequel and really cool stretch goals....right until today.... I am really sad to say that I absolutly despise the watercolor-style portraits, if they stay the same which they are right now in update 4 (really strong word, I know). I dont know why, but I love the detailed and colorful portraits in BG1/2 and POE1. I never had a problem with the fact that only a fraction of the npcs had a individual portrait. I really try to like the waterstyle-portraits but they just doesnt work for me at all (assuming they are exactly looking like in update 4). So my questions: Are those the same portraits for the recruitable npcs? It would be strange to have two different types of portraits for npcs (and/or main char) but I really dont want those watercolor-style portraits for my party. I guess it would be okay for me if they are only for non-recruitable-characters (I just waiting for someone to throw the words "wait for a mod" at me). But if they use the POE1-style portraits for all recruitable-characters and the watercolor-style for every other, i am 100% onboard with the decision and the stretch goal! And how do you like the portraits? Like i said, I really wish I would like the Portraits but I am a sucker for those detailed POE1/BG/BG2 portraits.
  18. Craft Shopkeeper in Caed Nua is, apparently, amnesiac. Saying (as in voiced) things like “Good day, stranger” and something about “traveller” when you start a dialog with him. I'd expect him to recognize the lord of the place… :} Save's there: https://yadi.sk/d/mmrToZewjLpKq (Dropbox didn't seem to like my browser's security settings…) Though I'm not exactly sure it is needed here.
  19. On Madhmar Bridge, the backer NPC, Aerthuris, has an extra long backstory because it was copied and pasted twice.
  20. If one of my party member approaches friendly NPC, he automatically engage with NPC. and when he leaves NPC, disengage attack triggered and combat begin. I have to kill all NPC. I can't interact with any NPC! Please help! I am playing v1.03.0530 [save file] https://www.dropbox.com/s/y1a8y4v8vqavp7f/b6567708abd9426db6022234c24de1c0%2019600847%20CaedNua.savegame?dl=0
  21. Due to my own stupidity, I was stuck in a situation where I had no choice but to remove Durance from my party after recruiting him. After removing him, I cannot find him at all. I've checked in Brighthollow, the stronghold, and the inn in Gilded Vale, and nada. His quest still shows up in my quest log, so I'm assuming he's still alive somewhere, but he gave no inclination as to where he would go in his departing lines, so either a) I can't find him because I'm overlooking something, b) he's no longer available and the quest is erroneously in my log, or c) he's supposed to be available but is not actually present. Can provide save games and/or screenshots if necessary.
  22. According to the thread Wailing Banshee, I'm supposed to be able to speak to Niah after I've gotten the log book from the lighthouse in order to unlock dialogue options to resolve the quest without having to attack Lilith. However, in my game, Niah is no longer at the location where I first found her, at the square platform at the docks, just a short ways right from the lighthouse. The NPC is missing, and I can't find her anywhere along the docks in Ondrana's Gift. Here's a link to screenshots, my save game, and system info: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/curm1fsga3vvyds/AADWG2x21fAfII5K0Pz7Awcqa?dl=0
  23. During my adventure with Pillars of Eternity (btw. great game:)), I have faced issue related to quest "The Man Who Waits". I have already finished initial part of the quest, opened the door downstairs the sanitarium and talked to Freyol, who advised me to find Caedman Azo in his laboratory - room next to his office on the map. Unfortunately, NPC does not spawn in this place. Therefore I cannot complete the quest. Steam version of the game owned Thank you in advance for your support ! Please find attached prt screen and saved game to check if it works on another computer. I tried to check game files via steam and reinstall it but it did not resolve the problem. saved game (cannot store it under this post - files are too large): https://hubic.com/home/pub/?ruid=aHR0cHM6Ly9sYjEwNDAuaHViaWMub3ZoLm5ldC92MS9BVVRIXzA0YTI0ZDAxN2MxMDMzZTg2NGFiNDc2NDA0ZDgwNzEzL2RlZmF1bHQvLm92aFB1Yi8xNDI3NjMwMzQxXzE0Mjg0OTQzNDE/dGVtcF91cmxfc2lnPWZhM2MzMTczNzVhNDNlNWY4OTE3ZjJhMTRiZTQyYTQ4MDhkNTkwMGEmdGVtcF91cmxfZXhwaXJlcz0xNDI4NDk0MzQx
  24. Let's make a comprehensive list of everything in the game so far that has been Backer Made. Obviously, this will be filled in over time, but for now, I think we can get started with a few of the Backer Portraits and the Celestial Sapling. The rules are simple. We post images and/or name of people, places, and things such as: LARS WESTERGREN UNKNOWN CELESTIAL SAPLING ---- UNKNOWN UNKNOWN And then we fill it in as needed.
  25. So, say I get Eder and then five other custom heroes (since it is possible via stream-knowledge to get an entire custom party at the beginning). Then I come across Aloth. What happens? I've yet to unlock the Stronghold. Can I just not get Aloth until I can store party members?
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