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  1. Similar issue to me. I had to manually update the store and gamepass app on pc then it worked.
  2. I had this problem with gears 5 on gamepass. It worked on xbox but not pc. It simply wouldn't load. On pc I had to launch the store then check for updates manually. There was an update for the store that didn't automatically download and update. There was also a gamepass update, same issue. After I updated the store and gamepass manually gears 5 would work. Just a possible solution.
  3. Cant remember which store it was, but I think it is on groundbreaker. You go to purchase something and it is priced at , say 89 bits. Look right to your bit total and it shows that the item will deduct 90 bits. This happened with several items in the store inventory not just one. Any one else noticed this elsewhere ?
  4. Hi. Normal situation is to press A on xbox to advance speech. In this game it is B, just found out, but it's not in the control menu. Thanks for replying, games more bearable now.
  5. Just a suggestion, can we please have an option to press a button and advance the npc text quicker. I read far quicker than the text advances. This is available on every other game of this type. As much as I enjoy the game, this is killing it for me !
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