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  1. IIRC this only started after 4.1 or so -- after city encounters started working again. Running into random encounters in Neketaka seems to work again now, but after running into one, your location is reset to the district you started from, rather than where you hit the encounter. Relatively minor, probably only a problem in Eothas's challenge, but still. Is this happening to anyone else?
  2. This only happened as of 5.0, as far as I can tell. This isn't much of a laptop, but I do get slowdown and audio distortion during dialogue -- Woedica's book, Eothas at Hasongo, the gods speaking to you at sea. It's odd because I don't have the same problems in-game, ie. the parts where I'd expect to see the most issues.
  3. Daggers tend to be more accurate, crit harder/more often, and qualify for sneak attack where larger weapons don't. They're also cheap, disposable, easily concealable, able to be thrown... How well that balancing actually works varies, but they're viable. I think the thing to remember, though, is that this still beta. I'd like to see roundless turns as well, but it's going to take some time to implement and tune. Action points would be nice, but a ton of work to actually balance, I think. So more than that I'd like to see better AI on engaging enemies and, in the same vein, I do think tick-based spells are doable, and that a similar approach could help with weapon attacks: rather than just a single attack per round, calculate a series of attacks based on your weapon(s) and Dex. It doesn't have to tick down or be interruptible -- basically just have it be a single DPS calculation, applied all in one action.
  4. Confused in POE is different from what most people think of from other games. It doesn't mean they'll target each other directly (that's Charmed), but rather that all their abilities affect both allies and enemies. It's also -5 to Int, so useful against casters.
  5. I generally avoid AOEs in town, even in RT. Although really, NPCs should stop moving in real time while there's a fight on in turn-based mode.
  6. Are you using the Delay Turn function? You kind of have to to make the most of interrupts in TB mode. To the devs -- I feel like the turn-based UI is a little on the small side. I appreciate the attempt to integrate it into the usual UI, but I'm wondering if it might not feel better if it was, say, a couple of large buttons attached to the bottom of the turn order listing.
  7. I'm guessing there are a bunch of variables that are set at the beginning of the game that are slightly different between RT and TB modes, and that it would just be a ton of extra work to create a system that can check them all and set them correctly in mid-game without the risk of breaking something else and not knowing what or how. This is still beta for now. Switching between the two on the fly, if it ever happens, is probably a ways off.
  8. Giving up your movement for the round seems like a fairer trade. And if you're in melee, it could even trigger disengagement attacks, adding to the sense in which it's a calculated risk. Or maybe a free action that inflicts a penalty on your next attack(s)?
  9. Liking it so far but I do feel like some of the spell effects feel a little underwhelming now that there can't be multiple spells firign off at once. There are also a few mini-encounters that work well pacing-wise in RT, but are more like speedbumps in TB and should probably be removed -- lone enemies you run into in corridors that warn the player about an upcoming encounter aren't really necessary in the same way.
  10. Yeah, pushing allies out of the way causes a lot of problems. I don't know if this would be more work or less, but even an undo and/or confirm move function would make a world of difference.
  11. I always wondered if there a reason you couldn't change this one thing as part of retraining at an inn.
  12. Appreciate the reply. I tried this, but no luck. I've also noticed that the TempTitle panel and UI elements didn't show up after I restarted my PC, but after loading any save they did, even after quitting the game and opening it up again. Restarting the PC again and trying to reload another save or start a new game resulted in the same thing. I even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, same thing.
  13. Here it is: http://www.obsidian.net/games#fnv And after navigating Bethesda's ever-shifting Fallout site: https://fallout.bethesda.net/games/fallout-new-vegas Good times.
  14. I'm on the beta and the recent hotfix seemed to be working fine, but now that it's gone public, I can't load past the title screen. All audio is normal, but after the company names, the title screen has a TempTitle panel which is visible through the news panel as well as various in-game elements which are also showing up. When I click Load I can see my savegames, but when I load, it fades to black but then remains on the opening splash screen. The main menu UI is gone and the in-game UI is still visible. Most of the non-action buttons are greyed out, but I can click the Options icon and bring that up normally, except I still can't load anything else or quit back to the main menu. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/z8UChFf
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