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  1. Tinkering costs always start out at the lowest cost for any weapon regardless of the level it is when you get it, so you're probably better swapping off swapping out for a weapon with a higher base level at some point, and leveling that one up. Unless you've got a unique you really like, I suppose. Science does cap the cost of tinkering with science weapons to 200, regardless of level.
  2. +1 for holding to TTD in particular, though I wouldn't mind the option for sneaking and sprinting as well.
  3. On the one hand, putting Adelaide is what I wanted to do, and I like that you can't totally smooth things over between her and Reed. On the other hand, just leaving him to wander into the woods to die like a sick cat, while apropos, feels like a bit of an oversight. It'd be one thing to choose to do it, because he was really running that whole settlement straight into the ground, but I have a ship now, right? Would've been great if you could bring him aboard. He wouldn't have to say much, he could just hang out in a corner or something. But you could drop him off on Groundbreaker or (god forbid) Monarch or something. It's a minor thing, it barely matters, and I realize it's not really a high priority with everything else that got cut. But I always liked those little aftermath details. Captain Kirrahe down in the drop bay and all that.
  4. Were either Felix or SAM affected by the glitch where one of them is considered dead in your journal? Just curious. This seems like your best bet at the moment:
  5. A soft lock means you can't advance the game, but you're still able to play it, move around, do other things, etc. I can imagine there could be a bug where you blocked off progress by choosing certain options, I think the bug on Monarch is something along those lines. But it's not just any speech check. Most of them definitely do work.
  6. I'd actually appreciate the option to set the resolution on any kind of text or logo separately in any game, but yeah, it would be great if you turn down the resolution elsewhere and keep it relatively crisp when reading terminal screens.
  7. I think for me she actually fell into the pit where you get one of the science weapons (the mind control ray, I think) in the secret Rizzo lab under Cascadia, but I didn't realize it had broken her quest at the time since she popped back to life when I went down the next hall. Chalked it up to experience, didn't affect anything else on my run. I could even still do the quest itself, her date with Junlei and everything, so the only real issue was the ending slide.
  8. I mean, you put the war effort ahead of keeping people alive, so the war continued. It seems to follow a kind of logic to me.
  9. Had this too. Sending your companions back to the ship also fixes it, though I would like to have known what they might've said after that. Not that there was much left. Would've helped a lot to have them for that big robot, though. I got through it, but I brought Parvati and Nyoka in heavy armor for a reason.
  10. Managed to convince Anton Crane of the error of his ways. I'd heard he could potentially kill himself out of guilt, but I ran into him purely by chance in the Lost Hope, where he said he'd left Roseway with Cassandra and sold the research and was going to do something else with his life. ...Except much later that same playthrough, I went back to Roseway looking for marauder armour, went back into the comms room just to see if I'd forgotten anything, and found his body on the floor. So unless Lilya Hagen is onto something, that's, um, probably not right.
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